Investment banking

Global Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that has been on the rise in recent years. A lot of people are now turning to prosperous investors owning huge companies with lucrative revenue returns. Investment banking is one of the numerous ways formulated to enable business men to expand and increase the financial might of their investments. It involves the use of banks to help in raising capital by allowing the banks to act as an agent in the issuing of the securities.

However, much has changed over the recent years. Through the introduction of investment banks, the scope of assistance for both private and public investors has widened tremendously. Nowadays, investment banks also assist in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, reorganization of investments.

As an investor, one must engage in proper shopping and scrutiny for a good investment bank or firm that will fully satisfy your needs. One of the most trusted and highly applauded investment firms is the Citadel. It is one of the world’s largest investment firms with more than $30billion in assets.

Ken Griffin founded Citadel in 1990 in one of the most populous and industrialized states in the US, Chicago. He is considered one of the most brilliant and smart personalities in the global business fraternity. With his prolific style of leadership, Griffin has lived his life dedicated to ensuring that the company climbs to greater heights of success. The global recognition of the company attests to Mr. Griffin’s dedication and hard work as its C.E.O.

Kenneth Griffin now boasts a net worth of $5.5 billion making it to Forbes 400 richest Americans. He has a higher percentage of ownership of the Citadel Group which is obviously a multi-billion dollar company. His huge share of the profits comes from Citadel Securities and Citadel technology.

Griffin graduated from the prestigious Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is a supporter of education initiatives all over America. In early 2015, the philanthropic business person gave out $150 million to his former University to be used to support students through the Harvard Financial Aid program. Currently, he is one of the board members and directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund.

With his leadership skills and efficient interpersonal relationship proficiency, Mr. Griffin has used his company to help out investors both in America and globally. Through Citadel Securities, many investors have been able to control their liquidity issues in American and international capital markets. He also goes a mile further to share his experiences with other business organizations and gather new ideas to improve his company. To enable him achieve this objective, he has joined several business organizations including Economic Club of Chicago, Commercial Club of Chicago and the G100.

Mr. Griffins is also a political enthusiast, something he acknowledges he enjoys most. However, he is not directly involved in politics; but prefers funding politicians who he chooses. For example, in 2014, Mr. Griffin wrote a record breaking cheque to Ranuer to enable him defeat Democratic Pat Quinn in elections. He also contributed $3.57 million to Winnetka Capitalist campaign.

Crystal Hunt, On The Fast Track To Super Stardom, Talks Candidly About Her Career and Her Need to Keep Things Simple

Crystal Hunt has been acting since she was 17 years old. She was cast as the tenacious yet spirited “Lizzie Spaulding” on the award winning CBS daytime soap series Guiding Light. Although Crystal was 17 years old when she starred on Guiding Light she feels like she grew up on the set. “I really did have a bunch of moms and dads and siblings who taught me a lot about the business and to remember what was important. I am friends with many of them today and call them often for advice or just to hear their thoughts on what a crazy industry we are a part of.”

After Guiding Light, Crystal has worked nonstop as an actress, producer or both. This year she not only had a major role in Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum, she is producing and staring in a movie of her own. Her agent has been urging her to slow down and take it easy but Crystal feels that there is no better time to get things done than today. “While I have people wanting to work with me and cast me in these block buster hits I am going to do it all.” What Crystal doesn’t tell anyone is that she isn’t in this business for fame and notoriety, she is in it to fund her addiction, which is rescuing unwanted and homeless animals. When asked about working with hunky Channing Tatum, she is quick to say “Oh yah, Channing is great. Did you know that I have rescued over 127 animals? Did you know that people are abandoning horses all over this country and that number is in the thousands?”

Crystal’s family says that she has always been a natural when it comes to being in front of a camera or acting. She was participating and winning pageants from the early age of 2 years old and then went on to make a dozen or so commercials. It was the Walt Disney team that discovered her and recommended her for the soap opera Guiding Light. Crystal, born in Clearwater, Florida, has mixed feelings about being in the spotlight at such an early age. “I am not going to complain about my childhood because I realize that it opened a lot of doors for me, but I am also not advocating starting children out at such a young age. I think kids need to have time to be kids. I know when I am finally blessed with a family and children, I am going to let my kids decide.”

Crystal’s heart may bleed for hurting, helpless animals however it is her heart that has captured America. “My agent calls me every day to ask me if I have heard of so and so and would I be willing to work them next year or the year after or they year after. I am grateful and appreciative and am not a fool. I know Hollywood covets the young and beautiful and as long as they continue to call me, I will continue to say yes.”

Status Labs – Austin’s Top Reputation Management Firm

Status Labs deserves lot of praise and even more thanks. The online reputation management firm run by Darius Fisher has done a lot to help people and business restore a good name. Sadly, once something negative turns up online, it can take a life of its own. People and brands that never had to deal with a tarnished reputation before end up fighting to restore things back to normal. Rather than fight on their own, they turn the duties over to Status Labs. Consider that a smart move.

Status Labs is based out of Austin, TX although the company does have other locations operating in San Paulo, Brazil and New York City. The company has actually moved to a new, modern office location in Austin. This would indicate the company is growing and growing. Recently, Status Labs joined the Austin Chamber of Commerce, which is something other businesses in the local vicinity should be thrilled with. Any business that suffers mightily from a bad review or legal problems will have better access to Status Labs since it is a fellow chamber member.

Of course, businesses and individuals all over the world may call upon Status Labs for help. 1,500 clients in 35+ countries have been served by Status Labs. Everyone from major business executives to politicians to celebrities have seen their reputation troubles addressed by the staff of Status Labs. The company has also helped clients with digital marketing, online communications, and public relations work.

The crown jewel service of the company is reputation management. Since the Google (and other search engine) results define the image of people and businesses, very negative material turning up in these results can cause massive harm. Hoping things go away is a fool’s errand. Nothing is going to go away on the search engine results. Blog, social media, and message board post have to be replaced by something better. A targeted reputation management campaign may be the only way this can occur.

Status Labs is available to help anyone who needs such services. Contacting the company could help restore a tarnished name back into the good graces of the public.

Daruis Fisher: The Mind Behind Status Labs

Many people constantly struggle with managing their online image, and want to get rid of a negative online image. The majority of people wonder if there is anyone to call for help on these issues. Well, good news, there is someone to call. Daruis Fishes is the mind behind Status Labs. Daruis Fisher cofounded, and is currently the president of the company Status Labs.
What is Status Labs?
Status Labs is an online reputation management service firm that launched about four years ago. Status Labs now aids well over 1500 clients in a staggering 35 different countries world- wide to help manager their digital footprints. Status Labs has provided public politicians, figures, celebrities, executives, and average citizens with a more positive; cleaner slate for their online reputation. Over the years Status Labs has grown, and has expanded to New York and Sao Paulo. Status Labs has effectively helped many clients to continue to manage, and improve their online reputation. Status Labs works to improve a clients online reputation to ensure that the best results of them come up when they are searched by others. What Status Labs does has provided many clients with a second chance, and has benefited their success in the workforce when applying to colleges and jobs.
The Mind Behind Status Labs
Daruis Fisher, president of Status Labs, brought about the strategic and genius dream of the firm Status Labs. The dream became a reality, and Daruis Fisher has worker to grow Status Labs ever since. But, what did Daruis Fisher do prior to cofounding Status Labs? Daruis Fisher started off by attending the Vanderbuilt University College, and graduated with honors. Afterwards, Daruis Fisher went into the workforce, and worker as a copywriter as well as a political consultant. He then, went on to cofound the innovated Status Labs. Ever since cofounding Status Labs, Daruis Fisher has worked to grow Status Labs by building great partnerships with influential agencies. Throughout the years, Status Labs has grown significantly by providing top quality online reputation management to a variety of clientele in many different countries.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Does Her Work Carefully

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon who has been known to do many successful cosmetic surgeries. She has helped people to look their best and to get the kind of care that they wanted, and she is someone who a lot of people have come to have a good amount of respect for because of that. She is a woman who has seen success in her career, as she started up her own practice in New York City and was even able to move it to Houston without losing business, and she is very talented in the work that she has done.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has twin boys, and when she wanted them to be closer to family she decided that it was time to make a move. She has put them before her career, even though her career means so much to her. And, thankfully, her practice has stayed strong and steady through the move. People know that she is a great cosmetic surgeon, and that is all that matters to them. They aren’t going to have just anyone work on them, but they want someone who they can trust to do the surgery. And Dr. Jennifer Walden is that person.
There are many people who are grateful to Dr. Jennifer Walden for the work that she has done on them, and she can be feeling good about herself because of that. She has a special kind of talent for being able to successfully complete this kind of surgery, and she has a good amount of ambition to make it happen. She is one of the best plastic surgeons in the country, and she is someone who everyone feels that they can trust to give them a surgery that will be carefully done, with everything going right.

Dating in Russia

Whether you are interested in dating someone in Russia or would like to know about how dating in Russia works understanding the Culture, traditions of Soviet people is a vital process. Russian traditions are important than their Laws. It is important to know the traditional roles of men and women in Russia when you are dating in Russia. Even if the person you are dating from Russia is of a modern view it is vital to keep in mind that the person family might still be very much into their traditions. Men have seen themselves crafty with compliments, bringing flowers and showing their affection with the women in their lives. Flowers are a must for important events and for every day dates. Russian men are very romantic and shower their affection with small, big gifts and romantic events planned for the women in their lives. Men are very polite and always open doors and never allow their women to carry anything heavier than a purse. Men always pick a bill at the restaurant. Traditional females put their hard work in taking care of their children and caring for their men. They are hardworking women who love to be attractive and feminine. Soviet people have developed a great pride in their culture and Nationality. Russians are used to suffering as the life in Russia is difficult.
Russian interactions dating Tips:
In Russian dating experience, you might come across a variety of backgrounds and it is important to keep in mind of the traditions. In Russian culture fashionable wardrobe is very important, culturally very superstitious for example make sure the flowers you give are odd numbered and never give even numbered flowers because it is considered bad luck long-stemmed roses are very much appreciated as they symbolize love while dating. Planning a date is not a girl thing, it is the man who plans and surprises his date. The Girl will prepare for a date with you with notice of several hours or days in advance. Girls in Russia as a preparation for their date send a lot of money and time to look perfect for their date. Girls expect a lot of admiration in return. For a date with a Russian it is better to dress up a little bit more than usual. In Russian dating there are no much rules, people act as they wish.
Anasthasia Date It is an international online dating service website which connects North American men with women from eastern Europe. It is a 29th most popular online dating services company founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple Elena and David Besuden. The company first website was established in 1997 and the business has expanded in more Russian cities and in Ukraine. It has been growing globally beyond Northern Asia, following the growth of the company it has also expanded to three websites in 2007 which has been connecting western men to the women all around the globe. In 2011, the company was sold to a private investor. Anastasia date along with other 3 spin-off websites became independently operated. By 2012, the website traffic grew to 220%.
In 2013, Anastasia date launched its first mobile app on iTunes and google play for Apple and Android products. Users can use the mobile app or internet to register. Their site features communication services like e-mail, live chat, video chat and date a lady service and the company assist in setting up the meeting between the users. This site is mostly used by very wealthy American men between 35-60. Users are charged for using their website. Instant messaging chatting style costs one credit. Users buy credits which are priced on a scale starting at $15.99 for 20 credits to $399.99 for 1000 credits. It is one of the largest international dating services.

Secrets to Shaygan Kheradpir Exceptionally Quick Rise to Success

Looking at the achievements of all the heads of organizations, CEOs, Executive managers, and Directors in the business and technology industry for the last decade, Shaygan Kheradpir performance stands out. He has accomplished so much in such little a time. In every organization that he headed, he led a transformation and a working program or product that he can be remembered for.

Shaygan is a graduate from the Cornell University, an institution he has continually had live ties with. He is an electronic engineering professional with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in the field. Shaygan Kheradpir on cornell started his career in 2000 as an information technologist and a decade down the line, is among the most sought after technologists and Business executives.

He has worked with several companies such as the GTE Corporation, Verizon Communications, the Barclays Bank and Juniper Networks. With all these companies he held different positions in top managerial levels. What is amazing is how he has managed to topple other career individuals that posses more experience and heading even bigger Corporations.
Listed here are some of the factors that have marked his exceptional performance:
His innovativeness

Shaygan understands how dynamic the technology industry. He therefore leads any organization keeping in mind that for his company’s products to remain relevant in the industry, they have to adapt to the changing times. He is therefore welcoming of ideas and quick to test and implement those that prove relevant. At GTE, he introduced network routing, at Verizon he led a team that created among many things iobi, and at Barclays he pioneered the implementation of Pingit. It is these innovations that put him on top of others.

Going beyond targets
Another thing that Shaygan has mastered is always finding a way to beat deadlines. This means that the products his team creates are always introduced to the market on time and earlier than competitor’s. This makes them more appealing to customers due to their timeliness and relevance and therefore more customer subscription.

Exceptional staff organization
Shaygan exceptional organizational skills that enable him group his staff to productive teams that always produce the best. He has a way of telling the strengths of his staff and teaming them accordingly to reap maximum from their services while they too have the satisfaction of doing what they are best in.

Excellent planning and strategy implementation
Shaygan also understands that for any tangible results to be achieved in such a dynamic industry, good planning is of key importance. He therefore comes up with plans on production and strategies as to what time favors their execution and ensures his company reaps maximally.

It is these few and exceptional yet vital skills that has every technological and business company after him. They have also been behind his quick and constant rise to success in such a short time. Coupled with the experience he has so far accumulated, his marketability can only bulge.

The Face Behind Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm. They specialize in managing hedge funds, structured investment and distressed investment funds. They are based in Dallas Texas but also have offices in London, New York City and Singapore. Currently the firm has reported over $21 billion in assets. This company ranks 3rd among companies with 100-499 employees. Highland Capital Management is known to be one of the best places to work in money management. Employees can receive free health care and free breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. The company believes their hard working employees should be rewarded. As an independent firm it is important that the company apply only the best practices in their business. They are a dedicated team of only the most experienced people. The investment management industry is highly competitive. Highland Capital Management and their staff also reach out to their community through charity and educational activities. They even match donations to each of their employees own charitable cause. Highland Capital Management is a leading global alternative asset manager and an SEC registered investment adviser.

Jim Dondero is the Co-Founder, President, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of Highland Capital Management. He has worked for the company for more than 20 years. He also serves as a board member for American Banknote and MGM Studios. Before working at Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero was responsible for raising and managing $2 billion in assets for a GIC subsidiary of Pacific Life. James has also worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager for American Express. James graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce with concentrations in Accounting and Finance in 1984. He has over 30 years experience in the credit and equity markets. James Dondero has a willingness to take risks which has shown to pay off. He can short stocks and is known to hold a significant cash position. James posts helpful blog posts on his personal website. He blogs about stocks and gives his market insight. His experience in portfolio management includes mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporates, leveraged bank loans, emerging markets, derivatives, preferred stocks and common stocks.

Easy Tips on Hedge Fund Management

Hedge funds are alternative investment plans structured to pool funds from different entrepreneurs and invest the capital in securities and other investment vehicles. They are managed by professional management companies. In most cases hedge funds take the form of limited partnerships as well as limited liability companies. Hedge funds are unregulated since only accredited entrepreneurs are allowed to invest in them. Also, their leverage is not capped by regulating authority as in the case of mutual funds. As such, hedge funds are exempted from complex licenses and some regulatory oversight hence making their operations more flexible.

Hedge funds main aim is to get high yields in return on investment despite the prevailing market situation. These investment firms are known to invest part of their money together with other investors’ money to be under their management. This is a way of assuring other investors their commitment in ensuring the investments are a success. Investment managers are paid a certain percentage of the asset under management as part of their annual management fee. Also, they are paid performance fee computed as a percentage of earnings they have made.

Due to wide range of market opportunities, hedge funds are structured in unique ways in order to explore any available opportunity. The diversity of risks related to investment opportunities reflects how flexible the firm can be. Investors are only allowed to keep their money for at least one year before planning to withdraw it. This is known as lock-up time since several investments deliver positive returns from one year henceforth. Also, there are limitations when it comes to withdrawal being allowed semi-annually or quarterly. Some investment made by hedge funds are speculative thus there are some risks associated with them but later turn to be productive.

Hedge funds have become very popular in modern days. They are recognized as the most successful investment vehicles across all business sectors. Several hedge funds allow investors to increase their funds and also withdraw making them open-ended. New regulations are being put in place to allow authorities oversight hedge funds in order to eliminate certain gaps. These regulations have been passed by U.S. and European markets.

One of the most recognized hedge fund managers in the U.S. is Ken Griffin. He created an investment firm Citadel LLC in 1990 and he is the current CEO. He has led this company to greater heights and making it a leading investment vehicle at the global market. As at March 2015, the company was estimated to have $25 billion in capital investments. Griffin has feature many times on Forbes for his great achievements in entrepreneurship.

Griffin is a philanthropist who has been contributing and donating to different organizations around Chicago and its environs. He has donated to Art Institute of Chicago since he is an active buyer of art galleries. He is a member of G100, an organization of 100 CEOs who normally meets to discuss global economy. He was elected to be on the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago.

What Makes Lime Crime So Special And Doe Deere?

So maybe you’ve seen it, the bold color and design of hair on many singers such as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and host of other glamorous singers and celebrities. Many young teenage and 20s girls have also followed in the path to adopt similar styles and bring out a lot of color in their beauty. Many of the exotic colors that you might see in these hair styles can be credited to Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that truly believes in the freedom of expression, especially when it comes to hair colors and letting young women bring out their inner selves.

Lime Crime sells all kinds of cosmetics from hair coloring and styles, to lipstick, nail polish, gloss and all with exquisite designs and patterns that can be tried out. The founder of this Los Angeles based company is Doe Deere on ideamensch, a lady who took the ideas that she thought might have been a bit too wacky at the time, and used them to help young girls feel comfortable with their fashion choices. Lime Crime has become an extremely popular brand and many other cosmetic producers and stylists have adopted similar styles as a result of this phenomena.

Doe Deere has always been a creative and imaginative woman, all the way back to her days growing up in Russia. As a young girl, she liked selling and trying on fake tattoos and bringing out her artistic side with them. She had originally wanted to become a singer and musician when she grew up, and she was in a band for a while when she moved to the states for her college endeavors. But by and by, she became interested in the fashion and cosmetics industry, interested in bringing in some new designs to work with. Soon, hair and make-up became her thing and Lime Crime was born.

She said the idea behind Lime Crime was not only to bring a new style to the shelves, but also to help others who thought they might feel judged for the way they wanted to look that being different is not a bad thing. Deere tries to use her platform to encourage other people that they can make their dreams and plans as real as they want them to be with just a little determination. As a girl who champions those who are different and dedicates her life to making a difference, she’s titled herself the “Queen of Unicorns”.