A Sneak Peak at Bonar’s Business Acumen

In the financial markets, Brian Bonar is an authority and a force to reckon with considering his acumen in the trade. His services as a financial adviser has gained momentum in the current global economy where financial markets are continually getting more complex. Being a capital management professional, Bonar has been a perfect example in the world of entrepreneurs setting the pace in diversified investments. Business people have recently appreciated the need for diversification in business appreciating the fact that it averts the impacts of market failure in one industry. The increasing demand for financial services on a global scale has heightened the need for financial advisers around the globe. This is the main reason that has enhanced Bonar’s popularity.

Bonar’s fame and popularity is as a result of his financial skills and prowess. These have propelled him to the highest heights in the industry winning him various awards in the world of business. This is a paradox considering that he is a trained engineer. Who would have thought that an engineer could later become a financial guru in the long run? With Bonar it happened. He is known to have shown great interest in structures and constructions from a very early age. As a young man, he was very keen on structures and this led to his interest in technical engineering later in his college life.

Bonar appreciates professionalism and this is true considering his pursuit of academic excellence. He is a very educated professional in his chosen professional line with a degree in engineering and a master’s degree in the same field. Bonar’s creative mind has helped him in the development of his award winning business strategies and management structures that have helped several organizations where he has had the privilege of working to realize tremendous growth. He is extremely innovative and this is what makes companies to seek his help and financial advice. His high moments in his carrier is when he was appointed to lead Trucept, a financial services company.

Although he had served in many other companies in various leadership capacity, Bonar’s popularity as a financial adviser was greatly shaped by the work he did while working at Trucept. This is where he discovered his area of calling and talent to create structures not physical ones but business structure that would shape financial governance and achieve great results. It should also be noted that Bonar is not only interested in working for other companies but has his own companies that run under his name. He also doubles up as a board member for several other companies while acting as chief financial officer in others. He is listed as a founder of several other companies that are doing very well in the market today.

Food With House

Rocky Start
It was not too long ago the housing market fell flat on it face with many people loosening everything that they had.For the city of Chicago this ugly fact would go into play with more strength then the city would like.Good news is that both sides of the city both north and south have made the proper steps to get the market back on track.Now you must understand that this healing has not always been this good due to several facts that came into play during the troubling times.

One of the major factors that made the early stages less the easy is the fact that the southern section of the city has been known to have less areas of attraction compare to its northern counterpart.Even though the south part of the city has had its trouble the north part of the city has had a easier time regaining strength.Reason behind this is the fact that the north has more add ons for the community to enjoy but even they had there own trouble getting back on their feet.

The common ground between both of these parties are two major facts.First will be that both of them suffered major lose in their housing markets which cost them their fair share of wealth.The second will be that both of them have taken the time to regain their power through loyal clients willing to pay for repairs.

Food Shopper
A long time ago when you wanted to buy food you needed to go to the store.However as time has passed men like Majeed Ekbal have taken the time to improve the methods if not created new ones for your convenience.During the late 1990s Majeed looked at the shopping methods that were being used.So after much time looking at the facts Majeed saw that he could take the power of the web and mix it with the cell phone.This would give people the power to buy food online over the phone on the go.

Even though today this project has worked for Majeed in the early days it was a different story.When Majeed started off the tech used by the mainstream was less then powerful to get this project on track.As time passed this changed with new tech allowing Majeed to make his bones.So with all this info why not give Majeed Ekbal his credit when it is due.Visit his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s into as well.


The debate of equal gender opportunities at work places particularly for women has become a global talk. Many countries are coming with laws that ensure women get an equal share in the national cake. The efforts are tremendous. For instance, in the 20th century, only one woman out of ten was involved in the labor task force. However, as we speak 46.6% women are involved in the labor task force. About 3.6% more for the so much talked about 50/50 fare ratio to be achieved. The only sad part of the report is that 14.6% of the mentioned percentage holds executive positions in the corporate world. There is a high demand for more women to hold more executive positions in the American corporate world, the only challenge is that most women are comfortable with the positions they hold currently.

Susan McGalla on about.me of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania falls among the 14.6% percent category. At only 41 she has achieved what I would term as a successful career path. Susan has own company known as the P3 Executive Consulting, LL. She is a well-known consultant who specializes in talent management, marketing, operational efficiencies marketing on wikinvest.com and much more. She also mentors women in different corporates one of the being the conference for CEOS which was held at Carnegie Mellon University. The following important tips can be drawn from Susan McGalla to women who want move up the ladder in their careers.

• More education, better positions
Knowledge is power they say. The number of women being enrolled in colleges and other higher places of learning exceeds that of men. This is a good gesture that women are interested in education. Susan McGalla urges women not to feel intimidated by the cost of education which seems expensive. She urges women to take up on the scholarship opportunities and also have a good financial plan. This will in turn help them be able get well skilled and giving them a better chance to be able competes with their counterparts when it comes to job promotions.

• Keeping the momentum positive
Having good certificates and better skills is one step of climbing the corporate ladder, nevertheless working around the male population can be uncomfortable and intimidating as well. Most women who find themselves in such positions tend to feel discouraged by the negative comments made by their colleagues. One way to beat such is by being positive and remains courageous.

• Ignore stereotypes
Susan McGalla was brought up as the only girl in her family. Her father was a football coach. Susan McGalla accredits her success to the fact that she was taught to be courageous and not to bow down on the prejudices that women are labeled with. In fact, she says that her aim was not to break the glass ceiling of her career, but rather to show other women that she is like them and despite it all she has made. That is the only special chip she is carrying no other special supernatural trait or a chip on her shoulder.

Doe Deere: A Young, Successful Business Woman

Doe Deere, a young and successful business woman, is the creator of the strongly successful line of cosmetics called Lime Crime. Lime Crime has been featured in magazines such as Nylon due to its bold and eccentric colors of eye shadow and lipstick. Ti is a popular brand among those who want to step out of the norm. Doe Deere created this brand not for the shy at heart, but for those who want to make a statement. Deere’s appearance and personality are strongly congratulated by onlookers. Part of her success is due to her willingness to be her own individual and not follow mainstream techniques. Deere’s makeup in intriguing due to its originality as well as its quality. Deere packages her makeup as loudly as it is out of the package. With bold pink sparkling unicorns and deep pigments of color, the packing itself is enough to lure a consumer in. Deere refers to her clients as her unicorns, each being an individual. Deere is as fascinating as the makeup that she creates, and her followers are very passionate about her and her product. Deere acknowledges her overwhelming support due to her hard work to start this brand. Doe Deere moved to the United States from Germany in 1999 and pursued other creative careers in fashion and music before finding her home with makeup. In 2008, Doe Deere teamed up with a group of chemists to make a formula of eyeshadow that would be the brightest on the market. This cruelty free makeup line is designed to last all day with its high quality ingredients. In addition to selling the makeup, Deere provides tutorials on her website and how-to videos. There are inspiration pictures that people can browse and when they see something appealing, the information is available to find out which products are used in the picture and how they are applied. Deere is dedicated to her business and to her clients, providing both the product and the follow up information needed to get the best use out of each product. Deere keeps an active blog and keeps her Twitter updated regularly. She is in touch with her clients, or “unicorns” as she calls them, and makes them feel like part of the brand that she has created. Deere chooses to not comment on other blogs around the internet because she has built her own brand online so she keeps all of the information about herself and her brand in her online outlets only. This is a smart business move for Deere, because if anyone ever has a question about her products or business, they know to go straight to the source rather than relying on third party blogs for information. Deere has clearly become a very successful business woman at a very young age. She is only looking forward to growing her business and spreading her makeup further around the globe to grow her fan base and her customer base.

Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science


The quest to find a cure for cancer has taken researchers down several paths. Most of those paths have been fruitless. But the researchers at the Rutgers Cancer Institute think that the field of genomic science could be the answer to identifying and treating cancer at the genetic level. This method allows oncologists to develop and prescribe individualized treatments based on the genetic makeup of cancer patients.

Genomic science is a relatively new approach to solving the cancer mystery, but researchers feel this method could be the real solution. Rutgers Cancer Institute is not the only institution that believes genomic science could help cancer patients. Other research facilities are using the same approach, and President Obama recently announced the start of a national Precision Medicine Initiative that will actively seek a cure for cancer using methods like genomic science.

This groundbreaking research at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is backed by a newly formed endowment chair that expresses support for this amazing project. According to an article published through NewsWise the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science has been established. The chair is named after New Jersey developer Omar Boraie. Boraie has donated $1.5 million to the Rutgers University’s ‘18 Chair Challenge’ campaign. The campaign has raised more than $3 million in endowment money.

The interesting difference in precision medicine is the ability to classify cancers with similar characteristics but with different genetics. This process allows researchers to determine individual cancer treatments as well as predict patient outcomes. Genomic sequencing is helping researchers develop special therapies for people suffering from rare forms of cancer as well as patients that have undergone treatments but have made little progress.

Precision medicine is also helping patients that have cancer and are not responsive to any kind of treatment. Mr. Boraie said that he hoped his pledge would be a catalyst for other pledges. The real estate developer has been interested in cancer research for years, according to the NewsWise article because of his chemistry background. Mr. Boraie said the researchers at Rutgers are discovering that cancer is not just one disease. Cancer is a collection of diseases, and each disease comes with its own set of features.

Cancer has been classified by organs in the past, but time-saving genomic analysis has added additional classifications. Those classifications are based on the changes present in each type of cancer. That means cancer treatments can be more precise and more tailored to a specific classification of cancer.

Busy? Let Handy’s Clean For You!

In today’s busy world, finding the time and energy to deep clean the house can be impossible for some. Between full time jobs, school, cooking, after-school activities and the like, there is just no time left for cleaning. That’s where a home cleaning company can help out.

Handy’s Home Cleaning is proud to announce the ability to book their house cleaning services through their mobile app. In recent months, Handy has taken the necessary steps to reach their customer base through new apps for all available mobile devices. They realize that their customers have become much more comfortable taking care of their business needs through their mobile phones, especially when those services are easy to book! Handy Home Cleaning offers next day services, and the ability to set up a time that is convenient for you. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is not happy with their service.

All Handy cleaner are given background checks before they start working, on both county and national levels. They are thoroughly vetted and professional, and with the many services that Handy offers, experts in their specific fields. Not only is the company a good one to hire for cleaning services, they are also excellent to work for. Employees generally make between $15 and $22 an hour, with an average salary of $18 an hour. The mobile app is also helpful for employees, who say it is almost like having an ATM right in your hand. Employees have the option of choosing a schedule that is right for them, to work around their own busy lifestyles.

Cleaning services vary depending on the specific needs of the customer. General cleaning includes the details that many people just don’t have time for. Handy employees do bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. They will deep clean and sanitize all bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets. Garbage removal from every room is offered, as well as recycling. All reachable surfaces will be dusted and polished. All glass surfaces will be wiped down and polished. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of all floors is also included.

However, there is so much more available through Handy services. Inside oven and refrigerator cleaning is available. Laundry service can also be added for a slightly higher charge. Inside cabinet cleaning is an option, as is window washing. Handy Home Cleaning doesn’t just clean residential homes, either. They will gladly clean offices and vacation rentals, as well.

Additionally, customers can have crunchbase app Handy employees help with tasks that they may not be able to do themselves. These include air conditioner installing, TV mounting, furniture assembly, moving help, faucet installation and repair, interior painting, and more. All employees will have their own tools to do the job, so it is done right away and right the first visit! Even electrical and plumbing work is included in their extensive list of services. So for those who are looking for the best cleaning company around, Handy Home Cleaning offers it all.

Brazilian Lawyers Handle An Abundance Of Child Neglect Cases

The amount of children living in poverty in Brazil is as alarming as it is sad. Thousands of children in large and small cities no only live in poverty; they live in abusive families. Brazilian lawyers have their hands full when they defend neglect cases, according to attorney Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Tosto is a member of the law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados.
There are several services in Brazilian cities that handle the mistreatment of children in Brazil, but those services can’t control a situation that is considered an epidemic by lawyers like Ricardo Tosto. Serious child neglect situations are reported to the Brazilian authorities, and Brazilian lawyers begin a long and difficult process to convict abusers, but for every abuser that is caught, 20 more commit the same crime day in and day out.
Most of the children are taken away from adult abusers, but placing them in adopted homes doesn’t always mean the abuse or neglect stops. That’s why some Brazilian attorneys stay in contact with the child they defend for years. The other issue that lawyers in Brazil are faced with is the lack of education, and the nagging poverty that is part of the Brazilian economic and social system. Street children usually fall through the cracks in the system. They experience neglect, abuse and other hardships that can’t be rectified in court. These children live like outcasts, and the government turns a blind eye to them, according to Tosto.
Lawyers like Mr. Tosto know there’s a difference between Children of the street and children on the street. Children on the street actually live on the streets and Mr. Tosto says they have little recourse in terms of legal counsel. Children in the street still have family ties but choose to get away from those ties because of neglect, poverty and abuse. Those children are the kids Mr. Tosto and other attorneys represent when the opportunity to do so appears. But trying to get justice for those children is difficult, and trying to change their circumstances even when they are represented successfully is just as hard, according to Tosto.
More than 50 percent of the people living in the shacks called favelas are unemployed, and they have no medical or unemployment benefits, so life in those areas of the city is taken for granted by the government. Representing children that live in those conditions is one of the biggest challenges for Brazilian lawyers.

Flipora Is Redefining The Web

The wonderful world wide web is full of surprises. It is exhausting to scour the internet by yourself. In fact, that is why there are countless discovery apps to help people discover the facets of the internet that may have been otherwise overlooked. The best thing about surfing the web is when you discover something new and interesting. What do you want to do with it when you discover it? Most people want to share it with their friends, so their friends can have a fun, interesting experience that they can share with other people. Sharing is caring when it comes to what you look at on the web. There’s so much content out there that it can be a trivial exhaustion of one’s self to only read and view solo. That is why Flipora came out with a new approach to surfing the web.

Flipora’s New Approach To Surfing The Web

The company InfoAxe was a brilliant approach to data recovery for users who recently closed a web page or lost some information. InfoAxe would help users recover their lost pages, so they could rest easy finding their files safe. They recently changed the scope of their company and their name. The name changed to Flipora, which is a fun and interesting name that also evokes the term flipping. Flipping is something users on Flipora can actually do when they visit websites to get to another generated website.

When users use Flipora they are taken to a world of adventure where anything can happen on the net. Users see new, interesting websites that are based off of their interests. It is similar to StumbleUpon in that way, but it takes it to a whole new realm. The new place that Flipora takes users is based off of their interests and their websites searches. The recent views of websites is the main thing that dictates what users will see when they flip to a new generated page.

This makes surfing the web a new and exciting adventure that cannot be overlooked. Flipora is also a great thing to share with friends. It combines social media and surfing the web to bring users together on an interactive journey through the confines of the web. The social media app allows users to share their finds with family, friends and new acquaintances that get to take a wild ride through life.

Review of the Movie Magic Mike XXL

“Tomorrow we start the pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach for the convention!” -Big Dick Richie, Magic Mike XXL.

Magic Mike XXL (2015) is the sequel to Magic Mike from 2012. Much like the first movie, Magic Mike XXL is definitely catering to ladies who want to get an eye full of eye candy hunks. It is undeniably funny and gives some lighthearted, fun male stripper scenes to audiences much like the first movie. Mike has moved onto a new life in the furniture business, leaving his male stripping days behind him. Three years later he is reunited with the Kings of Tampa who convince him to go along with them on a road trip for one last show in Myrtle Beach to prove whether or not he still has the “magic”.

The film is directed by Gregory Jacobs who also is listed as a producer of the first Magic Mike and for the sequel. Actor Channing Tatum makes for a triple threat as a writer, producer and actor in Magic Mike XXL. He co-wrote the script with Reid Carolin. Although he is -of course- most noted for his acting roles in Dear John, 21 Jump Street, G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra and Step Up, Channing Tatum proves with Magic Mike XXL he knows how to create a humorous, entertaining and provocative story with film andhis medium. Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Donald Glover, Adam Rodriguez and Gabriel Iglesias round out the main male cast members. Jada Pinkett-Smith, Amber Heard, Andie MacDowell, Crystal Hunt and Elizabeth Banks are the main female cast members of the film.

Crystal Hunt plays the character Lauren in Magic Mike XXL. She is an actress known for her roles in Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Sydney White, 23 Blast and Magic Mike XXL. She has been nominated for an Emmy and Daytime Soap Opera Digest Award for her acting chops on Guiding Light in 2005. Along with her work as an actress Crystal Hunt has served as producer for Talbot County.

The young actress Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida in 1985. She began her acting career when she was a beauty pageant girl and used acting as her talent. Aside from acting and producing. Crystal Hunt is a business owner and a popular follow on Facebook. She owns the pet supplies store: My Pets Dream Boutique near her hometown.

Bruce Levenson, the Man at the Helm

In matters NBA, the name Bruce Levenson is one that many identify with because of the remarkable leadership traits associated with him. Bruce Levenson is a businessman and former owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC that run the Phillips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Bruce is a graduate of the Washington University where he obtained an Arts Bachelors degree and a law degree holder from the American University School of law. During his university days, this businessman established his career in journalism as he used to write for the Washing Star and the Observer Publishing. The Atlanta Hawks LLC is a venture that Bruce co-founded alongside Ed Peskowitz who appears to be this businessman’s close associate.

The businessmen established the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004 and the company has always been successful ever since. Bruce together with Peskowitz held majority shares in the company until the time they sold it at a very profitable price. Other than co-founding that successful business enterprise, the two also co-founded the United Communications Group (UGC) in 1977. The main work associated with UGC is that of producing newsletters that focus on the oil industry and any information pertaining to the sector. Other than being the head of UGC, Bruce also manages other successful business ventures such as being a director at TechTarget, partner at GasBuddy and also co-founded DOT.

In essence, TechTarget is a company that offers internet and technology related services while GasBuddy is a mobile app that allows motorists to find locations selling gasoline at low prices. On the other hand, DOT is a revolutionized cooking method that makes the toasting of bread to take relatively less time. Bruce also served in the NBA board of governors from 2004 also asserting his astounding leadership and management skills. From the companies that Bruce manages, it is clear to see that he is a businessman whose leadership skills are useful when it comes to business management. His career in journalism led to serve on the board of the Newsletter and Publishing Association where his contributions were also notable.

At one point, he was an advisor at the BIA Digital Partners advisory team where he was able to contribute majorly. In 1997, Forbes billionaire Levenson’s contribution to the business world led him into receiving recognition from the Software and Information Industry Association Hall of Fame. Bruce is a philanthropist who engages in many philanthropic activities in his community. Essentially, he is a participant at the Community Foundation, a charity organization in Washington and serves as the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”.

Levenson also funds initiatives for the Jewish community in Washington such as the Bringing the Lessons program, which is an initiative of the US Holocaust Museum. He is also a major contributor at the Hoop Dreams Foundation, which also makes significant impact to the community. From the many areas that Bruce has been able to work in, this business man appears to be ahead of his peers and an influential leader. It is evident that Bruce is a force to reckon with and his name is likely to stay relevant in many years to come.