Doe Deere leads her own cosmetics company to success

Doe Deere is the self described queen of the unicorns who has progressed from looking to sell her own range of clothing designs Online to the head of one of the fastest growing cosmetics companies in North America. The Lime Crime brand has progressed quickly from the establishment of the cosmetics business in 2008 to be one of the most innovative brands on the market, which sells a range of cruelty free makeup products that are largely developed on site. Deere remains one of the most in control company leaders in the cosmetics industry as she looks to make sure the latest products are developed correctly and marketing campaigns are handled effectively.

Born in Russia and educated in New York, the different cultures and aspects of life Deere has experienced play an important role in the products she creates alongside an experienced chemist for the Lime Crime brand. Doe Deere on Lime Crime has become known for her unique and innovative style that is reflected in the bright and colorful marketing campaigns Lime Crime uses for its products. In fact, Deere has become as important to the brand as the products themselves with a popular blog detailing her own adventures in fashion and the latest additions to the Lime Crime line of products.

As the company she established in 2004 as a clothing line has grown over time Deere has remained in control of the majority of aspects of the Lime Crime company. Deere now states she rarely has the time to sit at her desk within the company headquarters and instead spends her working day moving between meetings about business and product development. An area that seems to be of large concern for Deere is the marketing aspect of the Lime Crime brand, which reflects the quirky sense of style Deere has developed over the years and appears to be an extension of her personality and public image.

Finding a Good Brazilian Lawyer

Richard Tosto is one of the best lawyers in all of Brazil. However, he is only one of several very competent lawyers you will find in the country. You must still take the selection process very seriously. The selection process is one of the most important processes in this whole thing. Finding a good lawyer for your needs will involve doing some good research which is more than simply online investigation. Taking time for quality, thorough research is imperative to getting a lawyer who will handle your case as well as possible. This is why you should spend more time in this process than any other process—even if the case is time-sensitive and needs to be handled quickly.

It is probably best to select a lawyer with experience in the laws and courts of your particular area of need. To find a lawyer with these qualification, visit the websites of various lawyers. It should name various biographical info including the lawyer’s law school, certifications and licenses received, and personal experience in the field. And after having selected several promising lawyers, interview them by setting up appointments with each of them. These interviews are how many lawyers get their business so most of the time these first consultation meetings are free.

As mentioned, one of the very best Brazilian lawyers that you will find is Richard Tosto. After law school Tosto began his practice by very humble means. However, through the years he has grown to be one of the biggest name litigators in the country. He did this by successfully defending famous celebrities, corporations, and politicians. And much of it he did completely pro bono. In all of it he has learned that success comes when a lawyer remains calm under any level of stress.

Tosto has not done it alone. He has always had a gift for inspiring those who work with him to have a passion for what they are doing. Many of his current team members joined his firm as interns, but under his mentorship have become great leaders in their own right. Together Tosto and his team are truly paving the future of Brazilian law.

Always Working Hard For Justice

Dan Newlin is definitely a man that has risen to the top through hard work and diligence. Dan Newlin is a man that always had a love of justice. He wanted to do good for people and work in law. Since that was the case, he began working in law enforcement when he was only 20 years old. He worked for the police and fire department of Chicago and Indiana. Later he went on to work at the Orange county sheriffs office. He was able to work his way up to being the sheriff detective in this office. Working as Sheriff Detective engulfed many different facets of Dan Newlin’s life. Newlin worked in areas like the fugitive division, narcotics enforcement, auto theft, and much more. Dan
Worked very hard and tirelessly in order to enforce justice while he worked as a sheriff’s detective. He was able to arrest many dangerous individuals, and because of that he gained much acclaim and awards for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Dan Newlin decided that he wanted to extend his career in law and do more work as an attorney. Since that was the case, he decided to go to law school in 1997. After graduating law school Dan Newlin went on to begin his own practice in Illinois and Chicago. Dan Newlin still holds that practice today and he works with accident and injury victims. His firm has gained much success and he has helped his clients to attain over 150 million dollars in their behalf. Dan Newlin’s firm boast of 18 attorneys, and over 75 different employees. The team that works alongside Dan Newlin
focuses mainly on motorcycle accidents, personal injury, construction accidents, auto accidents and wrongful death.

Dan Newlin has a law firm that is made up of board-certified highly experienced lawyers and other highly trained individuals that have been able to provide first-class representation to their clients, and they have been able to help them win their cases and have justice done.

It is evident that Dan Newlin is a man that loves justice. Even from young age he wanted to get into the legal field in order to be able to help individuals to have justice served. Now he is a lawyer working in that same facet. Through hard work, diligence and persistence, Dan Newlin has become one of the most well known lawyers in The States.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Cosmetic Surgery Practice in Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon based in Austin, Texas. She chose to return to her home roots in Austin, Texas in 2012 from New York to be closer to her extended family for her twin sons. Harper’s Bazaar named Dr. Walden as among the best beauty surgeons in America in their April 2014 issue. Dr. Walden also was voted into Texas Super Doctors in the December 2014 issue. Her extensive experience and impressive practice history make her a valuable source in the media as an expert consultant on a wide range of plastic surgery topics. Dr. Walden has appeared on many of the top magazines including Austin MD, Vogue, Self, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and more recently in Health Magazine’s May 2015. She also has been televised on CBS, ABC, & Fox News.

One of her goals, she says, in choosing cosmetic surgery was to help women improve upon themselves. She further adds that surgery often times is a way for women to have a better quality of life and improved self-confidence.

Dr. Walden also discusses the newest trends as well as tried and true for treating the aging neck. Of recent, microneedling also known as Natural Collagen Induction Therapy has been around for a long time but has become increasingly popular. The Vampire lift procedure, is another popular non-surgical procedure to rejuvenate the face and treat signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. She along with her staff runs a very successful practice in Austin. She has a huge following and a long waiting list and patients come for the newest, safest techniques performed under the hands of talented and highly experienced Dr. Walden. Through a variety of non-surgical and surgical options and med spa procedures, Dr. Walden helps her patients look and feel their best every day. Her staff is very friendly they are extremely knowledgeable and professional and love what they do and are passionate about providing the best to their clients and maintain a huge and loyal following. Dr. Walden and her associates never try to push you into procedures you don’t need, and they are genuinely interested in getting the best result for you.


What happens when an ultra glamorous woman, originally from Russia, decides to take on the makeup industry with a cosmetics line that is as frankly bold and beautiful as the women who are rocking the LA beauty scene in a very real way? She will probably see her makeup line, Lime Crime, which started from very humble beginnings on a minimal budget, take off like a supernova as it’s embraced by the real modern women out there who want makeup that’s as outrageous and beautiful as they are.

Lime Crime’s color palette pushes the envelope, but in an outrageously beautiful way. The lipstick colors in Doe Deere’s line range from reds to purples to pinks to shimmering blues to blacks to everything in between. Add some liner and extra glittery gloss, and that’s a Lime Crime look that’ll be turning heads, and isn’t that what makeup is supposed to do?

If that all sounds too wild to be true, actually it’s not, as that’s exactly what Lime Crime makeup founder and CEO Doe Deere did with her innovative line of boldly colored, quality cosmetics. Quite frankly, Doe Deere on pinterest saw a need for makeup that has the outrageous energy of the modern women making the scene today. These women want makeup that does much more than just cover up and smooth out “imperfections.” These women are already perfect; they want makeup that makes a bold statement while also heightening their natural beauty.

For some women, looking good just isn’t good enough, they need to look fabulous, and they need to look fabulous on a daily basis. Doe Deere knows all about these women, because she is one of them. A Russian emigre with a taste for all things beautiful, she started Lime Crime Cosmetics on a shoestring budget, but through innovation, imagination and hard work, she’s created a makeup line that is catching the industry’s attention in a big way. With a large and versatile line of lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, liners and nail colors, Lime Crime offers products that combine quality with a whole lot of style.

When it comes to glam that’s playing for keeps, Doe Deere is a CEO to watch

Future New York City Resident – Options Open

Looking for real estate in the New York City area? There are dozens of options ready and waiting for you. With properties available in the city – East Side, West Side, Upper Manhattan, Midtown, Downtown, as well as surrounding neighborhoods of Soho, Chelsea, East Village, Greenwich Village, and Tribeca. Further from the city, you can find properties in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. The choices are nearly endless, but location will affect every aspect of your purchase.

Here are just a few neighborhoods to consider.

Tribeca is a quiet community between Chinatown and the Financial District. It covers a small area but is filled with top restaurants. It has been used in many recent films and recently has become home to the TriBeCa Film Festival. Here you will find a mix of high rises and old-style lofts and tenement buildings. Many of the buildings are converted warehouse spaces that have been transformed into lofts.

SOHO brings visions of designer shops, art galleries, sidewalk cafes and loft spaces. It has its own personality and style. Settled by the Dutch in 1660, a large number of artists live in this area of the city.

Upper East Side features elegant dining, world-class museums, outstanding shopping opportunities and highly-desired addresses. Streets are named for luminaries like Carnegie, Astor and Rockefeller. It covers a significant area in the city, from 59th to 96th streets, from East River to Central Park. Access to Central Park is a big plus, providing you with live concerts, jogging tracks, and beautiful walks in the moonlight. There are major transit lines for subway and local buses nearby.

With so many NYC luxury real estate properties, you will want to identify a reputable real estate agent like TOWN Real Estate to help narrow the field. Whatever your needs, they will work with you to make your dream of a home in New York City a reality.

What are The Dorchester Collections Best Attributes?


The Dorchester Collection has an incredible amount of beautiful locations for weddings including places in Paris, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Milan. When clients are just starting their search of the perfect wedding venue, Dorchester has numerous facilities, floor plans and locations to choose from. Dorchester’s very own wedding specialist helps all couples plan their wedding all the way to the the beautiful reception at the end of their special day. The wedding specialist will also help with things such as wedding invitations, phone calls, limo rentals and the ordering of decorations.

Coworth Park Wedding


Every hotel in the Dorchester Collection has at least two restaurants on their premises. Not only do the Dorchester restaurants have delicious tasting gourmet food and delicious tasting wines, but behind the scenes in the kitchen, the dishes are being made by legendary chefs including the one and only Wolfgang Puck. When dining at one of Dorchester’s hotel restaurants you will have the opportunity to dine in front of beautifully lit fire places, the sunny poolside or in the privacy of your own dining room. To dine at the Dorchester guests do not have to be renting a suite within the facility. In order to gain access to the Dorchester’s wining and dining experience, be sure to make reservations ahead of time.

Luxurious Suites

The suites in the Dorchester are beyond unique and very exquisite as only the finest decor is used amongst all rooms. The suites all offer an apartment styled floor plan with the choice of one to two levels. All suites come fully equipped with a full kitchen, top of the line furniture, excellent decor and many other amenities that will have guests never wanting to leave. Not only do the suites come with great amenities, but the views outside of the suites are just as immaculate as the inside. The Dorchester Collection also takes pride in their gardening, making for a beautifully scenery for all guests.

Coworth Park, Ascot
Leave the city behind and revel in the pastoral tranquility of a unique Ascot hotel and a refined retreat with more than a few surprises. Set in 240 acres of picturesque parkland and on the borders of Windsor Great Park, Coworth Park is Dorchester Collection’s new 5 star, 70 room country house hotel and spa, which blends the warmth and comfort of a contemporary country house with an eccentric spirit that is undeniably English and irrefutably modern.

Picasso Painting Sets Sales Record at Auction

A Picasso painting sold at auction Monday morning for a record-breaking $142.4 million. The painting, titled “Les Femmes d’Alger”. The “Version O” painting was auctioned off by Christie’s, according to a press release. The painting last saw the auction block in 1997. At that time, the painting far exceeded expectations and estimates, selling for $31.9 million.

The painting was completed in 1955 as the last of a series of 15 paintings by Picasso. It is a cubist interpretation, according to expert Brad Reifler. Picasso’s work has been world-renown for decades, with many clamering to get their hands on original prints. The paintings high auction price has made more than a few owners’ of Picasso originals wonder just what their paintings would fetch at auction.

The Picasso masterpiece isn’t the only high-end item sold on Monday, however. At the same auction a die cast sculpture known as “The Pointing Man” fetched an astonishing $141 million, when taxes and commission fees were calculated in. The sculpture became the most expensive sculptured ever sold at auction. It was cast by Alberto Giacometti in 1948.

Several artists also set personal records at the Christie’s auction. Three paintings sold for over $28 million each, setting world auction records for those individual artists.

Picasso Painting Sells At Christie’s Action For $179 Million

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and an anonymous buyer proved that fact when the Women of Algiers (Version O)” sold at Christie’s Auction for $179 million. That’s a lot to pay for beauty, but when beauty is expressed in the form of contemporary art price doesn’t matter to some collectors.

Collecting great works of art is exciting but it is also very complicated. The amount of excellent forgeries has increased over the years, so collectors are always suspicious when they purchase a valuable piece. LinkedIn reported that Christie’s is known for selling originals not forgeries although they have unknowingly sold some forgeries in the past.

But this latest Picasso action item was not a forgery. It was painted by the man himself. Picasso would be surprised if he knew he held the record for the highest piece of artwork ever sold. Pablo didn’t paint for the money. He painted to express life in an unusual way. His abstract creativity was natural expression to him. To the rest of us his work is pure genius.

Radiology in the Techno World

As technology innovates just about everything in the world, there should be no surprise that such enhancements are geared towards the medical field, in particular radiology. Radiology is a medical science that uses radiant energy such as X-rays, in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. New advances in technology allow the usage of radiation to go beyond the simple X-ray imaging to breakthroughs that can possibly eliminate the need for surgical procedures in some cases.

Radiosurgery is one of those advancements in radiation therapy that doctors are adapting because it can give them more access to tumors than what regular invasive surgery can. A gamma knife with a radiation beam is used in Radiosurgery. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is also an advancement in radiology that uses an ultrasound beam on a particular segment of a tumor. These cancer treatments are considered therapeutic radiology.

There are several companies on the market that assist medical facilities with enhancing their current radiological systems with new-aged technology. A true innovator in modernizing medical achievements is Imaging Advantage.

Imaging Advantage is the leading supplier of “evidence -based, end-to-end technology enhanced radiology solutions,” (Image Advantage, 2015) to hospitals across the United States. Image Advantage works to provide the best in enhanced radiology resolutions. Their mission is to join in with radiology groups, and other healthcare venues to improve medical imaging. They work with hospitals all over the country, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan and Texas.

Imaging Advantage puts emphasis on improving current radiology services in local communities and accomplishing excellence in patient care. They are the only private imaging company awarded the CMS Healthcare Innovation Award for prognostic expertise in hospital exam requisitioning. They take pride in offering “comprehensive radiology services… uniquely differentiated from traditional teleradiology solution providers,” (Image Advantage, 2015).

There are many accolades that have been accomplished with the use of technology enhanced radiology methods. According to an Oxford University study, imaging technology can tell if infants can feel pain the same as adults. The first study of its kind done in the world used a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanning machine to validate their hypothesis. According to Dr. Rebeccah Slater at the Department of Pediatrics at Oxford, “Our study suggests that not only do babies experience pain, but they may be more sensitive to it than adults.” (American Society of Radiologic Technologists, 2015).

Radiology imaging enhanced by technology has produced amazing accomplishments in science and medicine. It has proven that it is only the beginning of what technology can do for healthcare.