Who is Doe Deere?

Flashed across social media is a beautiful face with unique makeup styles that show how beauty is more than being natural. The real question though, is who is this beautiful girl with the unique look? The answer is: Doe Deere, creator of the Lime Crime Makeup Company.

She believes that beauty is being in the moment and doing what makes you feel beautiful. It’s not about being natural or following the crowd, but breaking away from the rules and feeling free to do what makes you feel special.

As a child, Doe loved color. She was into painting and using pencils, and would put as much color as she could into her clothes, accessories and makeup. She wasn’t afraid to be different or to stand out from the rest. She believed that her uniqueness made her beautiful.

She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying fashion design and illustration. Afterwards, she went on to create her own independent fashion business on eBay, where she was her own model and makeup artist. It didn’t stop there, however; Doe launched the Lime Crime Makeup Company in 2008. This was after she was unable to find makeup that was bright enough suit the needs of her creations.

After starting the Lime Crime Makeup Company, she launched the Unicorn lipstick line in 2009. She said that the unicorn was a person who was different, aware of it and proud. In 2012, the Veleveteen lipstick line launched. This line introduced beautiful lip colors that went from to a liquid to matte look.

Doe Deere is more than another beautiful face, paraded across the social media facet. She is a business women who believes in helping others find their voice and follow their dreams. Deere is an avid supporter of woman-owned business and Entrepreneurship. She is a motivational force for everyone and has received the Top Inspiring female Entrepreneur by Self-Made Magazine.

She inspires her workers by using positive reinforcement instead of the typical “iron fist” method of most companies. She sets out to lift her employees up and motivate them in a positive way. After all, isn’t that the key to a successful business.

The person in the pictures is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. Her courage to stand out from the crowd is a motivation to others who are different, yet afraid to let it show. She makes a statement that beauty isn’t just about being natural, but about being you. So, the next time you’re afraid to stand out, take her inspiration and be the “unicorn” you were meant to be.

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Thor Halvorssen: A Friend to Those in Need

According to a recent article published in Weekly Standard, Thor Halversson is a man that you need as a friend. That is, unless you are a tyrant content on destroying people’s human rights. Then, it does not matter what side of any political agenda you are on, you will find yourself in trouble.

Thor comes by his hate of tyrants naturally. His father has been a prisoner in a Venezuela jail for many years because of his political stands against that brutal government. His mother was shot at a anti-Chavez rally. His first cousin is in prison for speaking out about the corruption within the Venezuela government. Thor Halvorssen has ran from authorities in Vietnam while investigating human rights violations there barely managing to escape with his life.

Thor operates the Human Rights Foundation with a staff of 12 people. If you land one of these jobs, then you had better be available to travel all over the world and expect text messages in the middle of the night. Above all else, Thor is driven to eradicate the world of human rights violations. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwYmcbRYi1w

Thor comes across as a very friendly man. He says that he genuinely loves people. Get him angry, however, about a violation of someone’s rights and he becomes a tyrant who knows no boundaries. He is a friend to many in political power because he does not care which way you lean. If he believes that you truly care about people’s rights, then he is ready to talk to you.

Journalists adore Thor. He regularly appears on all the major news shows to give his opinion on rapidly developing situations around the globe. You cannot find any expert that has a deeper level of knowledge. His yearly journalist summits are a must attend event.

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5 Ways To Handle An Attack On Your Brand’s Reputation

Life would be easier for businesses and public figures in our society if they could continue operation as normal without issues. However, that is not a reality as companies experience attacks on their reputation as they grow. Sometimes, it’s all about jealousy, envy, and other negative emotions that may cause people to want to damage your business and attack its reputation. When a company leaves things to chance instead of taking action themselves or hiring out reputation repair services, customers may be fooled by the less than positive reviews and news and believe what is not true.

The biggest mistake for a business is to hope that the reputation will speak for itself when you stay quiet. Some firms learn the hard way about what to do with a bad reputation when they realize that it is not enough to remain silent rather than use crisis communication to hit the problem head on. The following are five options entrepreneurs can use to handle an online reputation attack. The first thing is to ensure you don’t get into the mud with the online bullies. Ignore what many people are talking negative about your business or your reputation and instead, let your character and commitment to solving the problem take the lead. Always remember that actions are more important than any words you say.

Reach out for support to online reputation management companies for some professional help. In fact, reaching out for support could be the best way to handle the situation especially when you are too emotional to react to an online reputation crisis. It is also possible for you to vent and strategize in a safe place with the people you trust to handle the crisis and change the conversation to a different angle. Companies such as Reputation Management Fixers can handle an online crisis.

Counteract what is being said in the conversation through offering an extra value. Customers prefer products or services from your business because of the value you offer. During a crisis, it is time even to give more value to your clients. As you manage the reputation crisis, remember to assure your customers that the business will continue as usual. Don’t forget to stay motivated to keep your business moving regardless of the setbacks or complicated solutions that may arise.

Reasons to Use Town Residential

To live in one of the greatest and most vibrant cities in the world is to choose to live in New York City, a city that is not only known for the high energy and the night life, but also a city that is known for the international firms and the diversity which continues to grow each year. New York City, in terms of the housing market, has many available options that can often cause headaches for those moving to New York City for the first time. With countless neighborhoods and housing price differences, it is recommended to find professionals to help make the moving process easier and more enjoyable.


When it comes to finding a home in New York City, the only problem that arises for individuals is the various options and neighborhoods that can be chosen from. Though professionals are a good start to finding the best home, these professionals can often be in the dark when it comes to the housing options and the local institutions in each neighborhood. With this in mind, it is important to find the best option that fits the needs of the client while also fitting the best and lowest price possible.


For the best help with finding the best home in this vibrant city, one company that is especially recommended is known as Town Residential, a company that was founded in 2010 and that specializes in providing customers with not only a diverse amount of options, but also options that are luxurious and are customized to fit what is needed. What sets this company a part from other investment firms is the fact that Town Residential wants to get to know the customer and forms not only a client-professional relationship, but also forms a partnership where the desires of the client become the desires of the experts working with Town Residential.


Town Residential is a real estate firm that takes away the headaches of finding a home in one of the busiest cities in the world. Rather than worrying about finding the best home possible, individuals and families can now enjoy their time and experience the city for what it really is. New York City is a diverse place to live with countless opportunities such as jobs as well as activities. In a city this vibrant, individuals should be enjoying their time rather than worrying about finding the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.


The Philanthropist That is Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is both a co-founder and co-CEO Intelligent Beauty, Intermix, and FitnessHeaven.com. His business acumen is well portrayed in the several entrepreneurship he has started a case in point being the ones mentioned above. When Adam Goldenberg and his business partner Ressler sold Alena media e-commerce and performance advertising business despite the fact that they were generating high revenue to News Corp, they were shocked as Intermix got ignored. The turn of events frustrated them and they decided to explore new ventures.

Determined not to let the frustrations get the better of them the two businessmen got new ideas which led to the formation of Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty is an online skin care and cosmetics products marketplace with a DERMSTORE. Due to the love for the beauty products, as the demand increased so was the number of subscribers. To tap the surging market, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler expanded their business operation. They began by creating a new company Weight-loss system SENSA in collaboration with Dr. Alan Hirsch who headed product development and Brett Brewer as the CEO. Thankfully, the expansion strategy worked, and the business earned the venture capitalist high profit on builtinla.com. In 2008, the Intelligent Beauty won $43 million from Technology Crossover in Ventures.

Still having the expansion strategy at heart, Adam Goldenberg went ahead and Slowed back the high profit earned in another firm called JustFab in 2010. JustFab is a business that would reach wider market of the parenting society. Adam Goldenberg later acquired the children’s fashion subscription service Fabkids and the fashion e-commerce site The FabShoes. The acquisitions expanded the market and brought new members from Spain and France since The FabShoes brought five hundred thousand new members. Added to the three million members JustFab had originally, the firm’s membership grew throughout Europe. As a result of the growing group, the JustFab completed a $40 million Series C funding round.

Adam’s good partnership with Don Ressler led to the use of the available capital and customer base to start another company Fabletics, as an athletics wear site at http://www.fabletics.com/about. Fabletics later acquired a rival shoe subscription service ShoeDazzle in 2013.

Thanks to the business techniques employed by Adams Goldenberg, the acquisitions earned JustFab $85 million round of funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund, the existing investor Shining Capital, Matrix Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner in Action: What it’s Really Like to Use this Hot Hair Product

L.A.-based hairstylist Chaz Dean describes WEN Cleansing Conditioner, his signature product, as “a revolutionary way to cleanse and hydrate the hair.” The word “revolutionary” is fitting: the cleansing program, which ditches the sulfates that cause traditional shampoos to lather and instead uses natural conditioning agents to remove dirt from the scalp, breaks at least two of the golden rules of hair care (don’t put conditioner directly on your roots; don’t wash your hair every day). Then again, who could be a better authority on when a beauty rule needs to be broken than Chaz Dean? He’s been working with hair for over 20 years and has an impressive roster of clients that includes celebrities like Alyssa Milano. He’s also not alone in warning that sulfates can strip hair of healthy, natural oils. Chaz sells his products exclusively on Sephora and the popular Amazon online store.
Over at Bustle, Emily McClure described her experience using Wen Cleansing Conditioner for a week. McClure was originally concerned with the quantity of product required (16-24 pumps to clean her medium-length hair as opposed to a dollop of shampoo, although she ultimately decided to use only 10 pumps). However, after her first use, she was pleasantly surprised by how much thicker her hair felt while washing and how few strands fell out in the shower. She was also consistently pleased throughout the seven days with how bouncy, shiny and soft her hair felt after washing and drying, mentioning that her friends even complimented her on it. On the other hand, she did notice that her blowout lost volume more quickly with Wen than with shampoo, and there were a few days when her hair was greasier than usual in the morning.

Of course, everyone’s hair is different. Ultimately the best way to find out how Wen Cleansing Conditioner works with your hair is to try it yourself.  Visit the website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/.


Venezuelan Businessman And Politician Jose Manuel Gonzalez Fights To Save Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan businessman and politician. Deeply involved in agriculture, Jose Manuel Gonzalez is greatly concerned about food shortages and the country’s failing economy. He sees government mismanagement as the cause of many of the problems in Venezuela. Gonzalez is very popular with the common man. They see him as someone that really cares about the average Venezuelan and a person with the ideas, skills and plans to do something about the country’s problems. Many hope that he will be given the opportunity to address the country’s many economic woes.

Born in a rural village in Venezuela’s interior, Gonzalez moved to the capital, Caracas, to pursue his education. Since then he’s successfully led companies like AmericTraders,SGL Technic, Bridco, Thomas Pipe and many other involved in the agricultural sector. His success has enabled him to become an influential financier and politician. He was the head of the Venezuelan Federation of Chamber of Commerce, the representative for the Goarico National Assembly and was appointed governor of the region. Still Gonzalez has never lost touch with the common man and has emerged as an advocate for change in the country.

Gonzalez has the support of more than 20 Venezuelan political organizations. They include groups like Democratic Action, the Christian Party, the Democratic Republican Union, Progressive Advance, Movement for Socialism, Project Venezuela and many others. He is beloved for speaking up for the needs and rights of his constituents and Venezuelans in general in the National Assembly and relentlessly fighting for needed reforms.

To many people Jose Manuel Gonzalez is their best hope for a bright future in Venezuela. He’s a caring man that hates to see the citizens of a country with fertile soil, hard working, intelligent people and vast mineral wealth suffering because of government apathy, corruption and mismanagement. He represents the Venezuelan masses that are begging for a change and a better quality of life.

Livio Bisterzo Hits Mark With Latest Snack Food Product

About a year ago, Livio Bisterzo set out to create a healthy snack food item that would also have a good societal impact as well. He consulted with other health food experts. They started their mission my deciding that they wanted to use the chickpea as the central ingredient in their snack food. The chickpea is very valuable in the vegan food world for a couple of reasons. The first reasons being that it really packs a punch when it comes to nutritional value. The chickpea is high in protein. It is also very versatile. The chickpea can be made into just about any food product and used to imitate just about anything.

This led the CEO of Green Park Brands, Livio Bisterzo to create a product called Hippeas. Hippeas are quick on the go snack designed for everyday consumption. Hippeas are completely vegan. They are also gluten free. One might assume that the chickpea puffs don’t pack a very big punch when it comes to nutritional value. This is simply not true. Each back of hippies has at least 3 grams of protein. This is all while being under 100 calories per serving.

All of this has led to Hippeas becoming a very popular option for healthy eaters that want a snack that they can eat anywhere and take anywhere. It even helped the company gain the attention of a major food retailer, Starbuck’s on hippeas.com. The coffee retailer has decided to include the chickpea-based product in its line of on the go snacks that it has available. This will be a huge boost for the company when it comes to sales.

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Starbuck’s started by ordering Hippeas to sell in over 7,500 stores nationwide. Starbuck’s in constantly searching for new snack products that are healthy for their customers to purchase. This is a high selling item for Starbuck’s with a good profit margin. Hippeas fits this mold perfectly because of the fact that it is a healthy and nutritious that is easy to take anywhere. People also love the fact that the snack is vegan and gluten-free.

Hippeas have been getting a lot of recognition in the health food snack industry as of late. This is not just because of the fact that they are a great product. The company of Livio Bisterzo is also very socially conscious. The have made it a mission to give back a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Hippeas to chickpea farmers in Africa.

Learn more about Livio Bisterzo: http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/the-new-order-five-of-londons-hot-new-restaurants-rated-6740532.html

Mirna Therapeutics Hires Dr. Clay Siegall in Its MicroRNA Research Department

Mirna Therapeutics, a biotech company specializing in the development of MicroRNA therapeutics, has appointed Clay Siegall as a member of its board of directors. The accomplished doctor holds the post of an outside director in the company. His immense knowledge and vast experience is highly sought and Mirna Therapeutics is fortunate to acquire his services.

Mirna needs the doctor’s industrial experience and professional achievements in developing the firm into a successful oncology enterprise. More importantly, his expertise is valuable in the development of reliable programs for lymphoma patients.

Siegall’s Role in the Successful Growth of Seattle Genetics

Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He has served as Chief Executive Officer, President and a member of the Board of Directors. While at the helm of the company, Siegall has been instrumental in the growth of the firm into a global biotechnology company. For instance, he has supervised the creation of ADC antibodies which are in mass demand. ADCETRIS has been the leading antibody drug developed during the first clinical trial. This drug has been tested on patients and results have been remarkable.

Furthermore, Siegall’s entrepreneurial skills have been essential in the company’s quest to raise external funding. His impeccable negotiation skills have helped the company raise more than $330 million through public and private funding. Such funds are vital in the development of research and creation of new drugs.

In addition, he has also played an influential role in the partnership with other global firms. More importantly, the doctor secured a collaboration agreement with Genentech, a company valued at $860 million. Other enterprises such as Bayer, MedImmune and Curagen have also signed high value contracts with the company. Progenics, a firm in the same industry, has raised more than $65 million for Seattle Genetics since 2001.

Under his crafted leadership, Seattle Genetics has produced a reliable pipeline of antibody-based cancer therapies that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2001.

Work Experience

Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked for the Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997. He then offered his services for the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991. In addition, he has also served on the Board of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, a private firm based in Bothell, WA. Dr. Clay Siegall is an alumnus of George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland.



Lime Crime And The Amazing Vision Of Doe Deere

People often have a lot to say about vision. Ironically enough vision is something which often sparks every other sense. People talk about what they see. People consider feelings about the things which sit in front of their eyes. And no matter what the end result, the spark which prompts both introspection and discussion is more often than not vision. People simply tend to react rather than create. And vision is usually the vehicle behind much of it.

But within the makeup world this trend is pretty well understood. People who love makeup know that they can harness this aspect of human nature in order to make an amazing impression on the world. And a select few go a strep further and create the tools which allow those people a chance to make a great impression. Sometimes it’s little more than the result of a corporate decision based on marketing trends. And this is why so many makeup options are more or less interchangeable. But every now and then a real iconoclast steps forward within the industry. And there’s few people who better fit that description than Lime Crime creator Doe Deere. She first jumped into the scene because she simply wasn’t able to find a proper fit for her own personal vision. The previously mentioned homogony within the makeup industry just didn’t fit the more wild presentation she was looking for during rock shows and fashion extravaganzas alike.

This prompted her to create makeup that did allow her to really express herself. And she soon realized that many other women felt exactly the same way. She nicknamed people with that special type of vision unicorns because of the way the stood apart from the crowd. And recognizing the chance to really help people like herself she pushed forward into the industry as a whole. That was the birth of the Lime Crime brand. And since there it’s been a surreal journey for Doe Deere. What started as a simple matter of self expression became so much more. She was quickly lauded in the same breath as other defining figures of feminist thought. The women who made an impact on things and paved the way for other women in the future. And all of this came about because she believed in herself, in her vision of what could be, and her future Lime Crime brand.