A Woman on the Twenty Dollar Bill?

Americans are long used to seeing our founding fathers and influential presidents peering out from our money. These people are almost all men. Today a non-profit group called “Women On Twenties” has begun a campaign to change that. The group has been founded by Barbara Ortiz Howard.

While men have predominated on money, there are two exceptions. As Marcio Alaor BMG knows, Susan B. Anthony was pictured on a dollar coin, and Sacajawea was found on a gold dollar coin. Both coins did poorly with the American public, most likely because they were coins and not paper money. The twenty dollar bill was chosen because it shows a picture of Andrew Jackson whose role in the Indian Genocide of the 1800s has made him controversial. It is hoped that the chosen woman will be less controversial.Click here for full article.

A group of historians and persons involved in the National Women History Month along with Ortiz Howard and an executive director have come up with a list of fifteen women that the public can vote on. Among these are Rosa Park, Betty Friedan and the first black Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. The goal is to have a woman on the bill by 2020 which is the centennial of women suffrage in the United States.

Anyone may vote and after two votes if a 100,000 votes are reached the proposal will go to the White House. President Obama has stated that he feels it is a good idea.

Homeless in Atlanta Feast on Wedding Meal

The homeless of Atlanta, Georgia might go hungry sometimes, but they did not go hungry when they were recently invited to a wedding feast. The invitation came via the bride and her family after the cancellation of her wedding. Although details of the break-up between the bride and groom were not revealed, it did not stop the goodness in the hearts of this family.

Approximately 200 homeless people enjoyed the meal that was actually meant for wedding guests. The bride, Tamara Fowler, did not want to see the food or money go to waste, so she contacted a foundation that helps feed those who are hungry. For at least one day, these homeless people were made to feel like kings and queens while they ate fabulous food.

More people are starting to realize how much goes to waste when there are people who could be aided with what they might otherwise throw away. Statistics for the homeless in Atlanta suggest that women and children make up most of the homeless population in that city. It is a growing problem and finding the right resources is the only hope of getting out of a seemingly hopeless situation. Gianfrancesco Genoso (jornadacriminosa.com) knows that the idea of using a cancelled wedding to help feed people who have nothing is an amazing and wonderful act. It is with greatest hope that more people like Tamara Fowler exist. If there were, this world would be a much better place to live.

QNet, Creating Opportunity For Everyone.

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Have you ever purchased products from someone who was in their own business? If you answered YES to these questions, you already understand the concept and structure that QNet has in place.

This company and their independent representatives have been written up in places like Forbes, Business Today and many more. QNet allows people to use the established products that that make to create their own business. QNet allows people to be in their own business and still have a product line that is top notch. By offering QNet’s high quality and high demand products for sale, people like you and I are building our own business with very little investment. This is a win-win situation for the buyers, the sellers and the company.

As a leader in the direct selling industry, QNet is clearing the way for everyday people to buy and sell products that are needed in the market place today. QNet is simple to become a customer or an independent representative with this company.

When you are looking for great nutritional products, attractive lifestyle products, energy products and other products that enhance your life, your QNet independent representative can help you with ease. Perhaps you would like to follow in the footsteps and become an independent representative yourself. Doing this would allow you to buy your own products at a discount and offer the products for sale to others. The amount of money you can make is really dependent on outside factors like how many products you sell and things like that. However, there are many people who are making some good money and earning a living using QNet’s amazing business model.

The only way to know if the products and opportunity are for you is to try them for yourself. QNet really is that simple. You should get involved and give it your best try. There is so much opportunity created by this industry if you simply do the work involved and don’t give up. Owning your own business is much easier when you have a successful business plan to follow and QNet has made this all possible for the right people. So, if you are looking to build a business and want products people will know, like and trust, QNet and business model is worth taking the time to look at. Why not check QNet out today?

California Film and Visual Media Entrepreneur John Textor

John Textor is one of the more innovative visual media entrepreneurs in today’s film and visual media industries. His visual effects have won multiple Academy Awards and CLIO advertising awards. His company was the first to deliver a digital human actor that was believable.

Several movie credits are associated with John Textor. He delivered a believable digital human actor for the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which showed an actor becoming younger over time instead of aging. His company produced the break through digital interactive hologram of Tupac Shakur in a lifelike concert. He has produced a digital portrayal of Elvis Presley and a virtual concert production of a posthumous Michael Jackson. His Digital Domains Productions and Digital Domain Media Group have been responsible for the visual effects of over eighty large scale feature films.

Digitally enhanced feature films have extended the use of a photo realistic digital human actor. Art Story is an original animated feature film that is among John Textor’s contributions. Other feature films have included a lifelike digital portrayal of central actors. These feature films include Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End, Real Steel, Tron Legacy, Flags of our Fathers and Transformers. Textor was also the producer and executive director of Ender’s Game, a science fiction film.

Most of his work has been ground breaking and has provided the film industry an alternative avenue for much needed and often complex actor portrayals. He has used innovative technology platforms that have not been offered, until he began his cutting edge production venues.

He is currently responsible for special projects and strategic partnerships for Pulse Evolution Corporation. His associations have included joint ventures with the sovereign media authority of Abu Dhabi. He works with special venue partnerships and relationships with major media companies. He coordinates specific rights of acquisition for new film projects. John Textor is an active and full time consultant to the chief executive officer and president of Pulse Evolution studios.

His joint venture projects include a strategic partnership with the bachelor’s program at Florida State University and the school’s film and media departments. His award winning special effects technologies are being advanced in today’s academic circles, as well as in modern media and film venues. A believable digital hologram actor has become an effective image system that can be applied to fantasy films, animated feature movies and movies with complex story themes.

Vijay Eswaran tries to give back on his way to the top of the business world

Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran has made it his business to get to the top of the industries his QI Group has established itself within, but along the way he has made sure to give back to the public who have made his business so successful. In 2013, Vijay Eswaran was named the Malaysian CEO of the year, not just for the success of the QI Group, but for the philanthropic activities he has taken part of. The path to the top taken by Eswaran should be seen as a marker for all those who hope to one day reach the top of the business World and do not yet know what part of an industry they wish to specialize in.

The younger days of Vijay Eswaran could have been drawn from a Hollywood film script, with his fatheer moving the young Vijay around the country as part of the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. This nomadic lifestyle saw Vijay Eswaran continue the constant movement as he headed for Europe to continue his education and explore the different life and business culture of the continent. Eswaran worked in a variety of jobs, including as a laborer and as a taxi driver in London. During this trip Eswaran decided upon a career in marketing and headed for North America to learn more about the subject he would go on to work in.

After founding the QI Group in 1998 Vijay Eswaran has seen the company move out of specializing in marketing and has expanded into the industries of retail and leisure. This has given Vijay Eswaran the chance to expand his philanthropic activities into many different areas, including personal sponsorship and creating an education foundation. These charitable contributions include a large number of donations made to individuals and groups who personally contact Eswaran. The chance to give back to the community is part of the overall philosophy Vijay Eswaran brings to the World of business and to his private life that means he is constantly striving to improve the World around him.

Writing Your Personal Narrative

Researchers have found that expressive narrative writing can help you overcome many obstacles in life. There is a vast amount of research on the benefits of personal writing and its effect on mood, memory, and reduction of doctor visits. Flavio Maluf (Camarabarbacena) has read that a recent study found that struggling students at Duke and Stanford improved academically by incorporating daily personal writing into their lives. Researchers have found that writing about your struggles and editing the writing can help change personal perspectives in regards to life’s challenges. The extensive research on using expressive writing to help with depression is another great option for the millions of Americans not seeing benefits from the usual treatments for this illness. In another study conducted with depressed college students, researchers found that students who spent time engaged in personal writing for three consecutive days were less likely to have symptoms of depression. One of the reasons this type of therapy seems to work is based upon the idea that writing down your life’s narrative can help with identifying goals and overcoming obstacles that get in the way of your health.
Another study conducted with struggling college students involved using positive reinforcement and personal writing . The students for this study where having trouble adapting to college. They were asked to rewrite their narratives and consider the fact that they just needed more time to adjust. These students also showed improvements from personal writing.

The Antique Wine Company: Selling Fine Wine Since 1982

Do you appreciate good wine? If you do, then surely you are familiar with The Antique Wine Company. Stephen Williams founded this famous wine merchant in 1982 in London, and has pleased fine palettes ever since. The Antique Wine Company is famous for having sold the most expensive bottle of white wine. The wine was an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, and was sold for £75,000. This is only an example of some of the extremely rare wine that The Antique Wine Company has in its cellars. Some of the finest sommeliers in the world call upon the Antique Wine Company for their unparalleled selection of the world’s finest vintages.


The company’s website allows a person to browse the amazing selection online, and all kinds of wine purchases are available, from single bottles to whole collections. The AWC can also provide quality instruction on how to care for an investment, and will work with Focus Wine Cellars to come up with a dedicated space for storage and will provide entertainment areas or dining areas to go with the cellar if you so choose.


The Antique Wine Company not only sells some of the world’s best wines, but they offer a fully array of wine services as well. From Cellar design and management, storage service options and delivery, the Antique Wine Company is available to help the wise wine consumer make the most of their wine collection. They also offer fully insured delivery of the wines that they sell, as well as offering wine insurance solutions, allowing you to have peace of mind about your wine collection. Advice on investment grade vintages is also available for those who wish to invest in fine wine.


Specialized services are also available from the Antique Wine Company. They are available for many events, including corporate hospitality packages, large-scale weddings, professional concierge packages and expert-led master classes. These master classes in wine are taught by AWC’s Wine Academy, which is the UK’s foremost provider of fine wine education. The Wine Academy also holds wine-focused corporate events, and allows for individuals with an interest in fine wine to gain professional accreditation. Located at AWC’s London’s headquarters, the Wine Academy is conveniently located in the heart of London.


Ryan Gosling to Star in ‘Beauty and the Beast’


When Emma Watson announced to Ms. Morin yesterday that she had signed on to star in the ‘Beauty in the Beast’ live action fairy tale adaptation, fans everywhere were pretty thrilled. Watson brings beauty, class, and elegance to a role that demands them all and that isn’t even mentioning her clear talent. Now, Disney appears to be eying the male lead to take the iconic role across from her and Ryan Gosling could be stepping into the spot.

Walt Disney isn’t afraid to really work their IP so it isn’t surprising to see them trying hard to make ‘Beauty and the Beast’ filled with All Star talent. Bill Condon will be directing the adaptation, with his most recent financial acclaim coming from the Twilight films (“Breaking Dawn 1 and 2″) though he also has an Oscar to his name. Stephen Chbosky (“Perks of Being a Wallflower”) will be penning the script.

The role of the Beast is, perhaps, the most important role that Disney needs to be casting for. The Beast needs to have mad acting chops to go along with the ability to steal the scene as the most handsome man in the world. The character is filled with duality and a guy like Ryan Gosling could really take the role and own it. We’re sure that Gosling would be a fantastic choice for the Disney brand and it wouldn’t hurt his own brand in any way, either. Gosling has a history of turning down big studio projects, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Leader in the Field of Plastic Surgery

Art has always influenced practical careers and with the advent of plastic surgery medicine has begun to craft art on the human form and true masters have emerged in this field.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a leading plastic surgeon on the forefront of innovation and discovery in his field. His practice operates out of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he is also a professor and Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich grew up in rural North Dakota and attended undergraduate school at North Dakota State University and did his postgraduate work at the University of North Dakota. He received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s education did not stop there. He went on to complete his residency at the University of Michigan and a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. He came to UTSM in 1986.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has received many accolades for his work in the field of plastic surgery. He was named among the top plastic surgeons by a Dallas magazine. He has been featured in the media both locally and nationally, including on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He has served in leadership positions at some of the nation’s top plastic surgery groups and institutions, among them the American Society of Plastic Surgery where he held the position of President.

Dr. Rod Rohrich puts patient care at the top of his priorities. He is dedicated to compassionate, competent and comprehensive care.

In addition to treating patients, Dr. Rod Rohrich is an academic, educator, author, and a pioneer of advanced treatment and technology. He has a patent on a new form of breast implantation. He serves as the editor-in-chief of the world’s leading journal of plastic surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a lecturer and has published over a thousand articles and 50 textbook chapters on the field of plastic surgery. He has been instrumental in fostering the education and careers of many other plastic surgeons, thus expanding the field and ensuring its future development and success.

The Wine Detective

When Stephen Williams started AWC (initially as The Antique Wine Company) 25 years back, the company was based on his obsession for enjoying vintages of quality wines. With extremely great wines, and passage of time, the secondary as well as tertiary tastes elegantly develop to give forth a complexity that one rarely finds in wine’s lifetime. Most significantly, it’s this rare complexity that gives intellectual rendezvous plus amusement. Whilst the need of drinking a 30, 40, or even 50-year-old bottle of extremely world class Bordeaux may seem entirely uninteresting to many people, but to me it is among life’s most charming experiences, maybe a little classic, but at all times massively mind-provoking as well as pleasurable.

Given that AWC still purchases and sells a huge amount of older classics, mostly more than other dealers in the globe, their approach to authentication as well as origin is always watertight. This is basically regular practice, since their clients anticipate the extremely best from them in all they do, from the wines they sell to the kind of services they offer.

A Staff of Professionals
AWC’s policy is that their human resource must entirely and competently assess all fine as well uncommon wines they purchase or sell. As a private specialist, Michael Egan’s appointment to their panel of professionals offers an extra supporting resource aimed at backstopping the existing practices. His participation guarantees that these dealings are subject to bigger scrutiny compared to other merchants in the globe.

An unfortunate fact in present day wine business is the reality that internet has grown to be saturated with opportunistic as well as non-established merchants only looking to make a speedy deal. Majority of wines that is traded by these entities are going to be brands that they do not in the real sense see, possess, or even physically have- about the furthest you can possibly wander away from an accredited wine consultant. Even a number of classic traders are reducing costs as well as taking short-cuts through contracting their logistics dealings, making appropriate oversight regarding the wine which they handle almost impossible.

Their operations are crafted to be fully the contradictory to this inconsiderate approach. By means of setting up an excellent team of professionals in world class wine industry they constantly guarantee that this continues to be the center of attention of the manner they conduct their business. The Antique Wine Company’s proficiency has always been in the complexities of highly priceless wines. The secret behind this proficiency extends to all corners of their imagination, from sales, purchasing, logistics, marketing, and IT.