Impact of George Soros in U.S Money Reserve Strategy

According to George Soros, a high profile in the currency speculation market, US Money Reserve is a great option to consider for wealth protection because as an investor you are covered at all times despite the situations whether good or bad. Gold in this company is seen as a realistic investment especially in times of economic downturns. George Soros outlines several reasons why he thinks Americans should purchase gold. His reasons have been approved and agreed by Philip Delhi who is the president of US Money Reserve.

Recently Mr.Delhi was interviewed by Eric Dye from Entrepreneurial Podcast Networks Enterprise Radio Show a platform for small business owners, entrepreneurs as well as top executives who share their experiences, products, latest creations and services to customers. The interview focused on his leadership background, strong customer service in US Money Reserve and the future expectations of the gold market.

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US Money Reserve – YouTube

Achievements of Philip Delhi

Initially Philip Delhi served as the director in the US Mint before shifting to US Money Reserve. During his tenure he managed to bring about transformation in the mint company by coming up with the first ever platinum coin issued by the US government. Additionally, he was responsible for the success of the 50 States Quarter Program and this made him build a good reputation for himself. Delhi has helped turn the customer service agency to a real entrepreneurial agency than what it was before. Among the best companies in America, US Money Reserve is one of the businesses offering quality services on the basis of customer satisfaction.

Being one of the largest distributors of precious metals such as coins, bars and metal bullion’s in the United States, Delhi through commitment and good entrepreneurial skills has ensured customers are served as per their needs and satisfaction. Recently, a self-directed program was started to enable customers hold physical gold as a way to protect their wealth during retirement as well as taking advantage of the market when gold prices rise.

About US Money Reserve

This firm was established in 2001 and serves hundreds of thousands of customers across the United States. US Money Reserve aims at diversifying clients’ assets with precious metals in the form of silver coins and US gold coins. This firm has a unique team of professionals who are well equipped with knowledge on which products in the market offer high profit potential for the physical precious metals at all levels. Invest today!

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Sparks’ Walk towards Success

In today’s extremely focused world, average performance in school translates to a typical performance in life. Emphasis is placed on good academic performance, which usually the point of education is lost altogether, for many people.

Marc Sparks never let an average performance dampen his morale. Today, Marc motivates for future business visionaries on what to and what not to do to succeed in the entrepreneurial world. With a secondary school evaluation of C+, Marc Sparks declined to give the average review a chance to cut off his potential and rather began various

The Dallas, Texas inhabitant, is a serial business person who is energetic about what he does. He is additionally the organizer and CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP, a value firm that helps business visionaries to accomplish their dreams. Marc Sparks is likewise a financial speculator and is everlastingly on the quest for promising business visionaries to invest.  Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads and Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

Among the qualities that he searches for incorporate selectiveness of administrations or items, flow progress as far as deals and the methodology that will proficiently and successfully utilize the budgetary assets required.

It is maybe fascinating to note that in spite of the different difficulties and obstacles that he has needed to experience himself in his battle for achievement, he is more than willing to help others succeed in their particular business wanders.

His selfless nature does not end with budgetary success. Marc Sparks is likewise an altruist who partakes in a few compassionate organizations. He has the conviction that if one is honored with favorable luck, they ought to have the same with the less lucky; as the more one has; the more humanity expects more from them.

According to Marc Sparks, achievement is not a product that one can get effortlessly, but something that must be accomplished through hard work. However, with the right sort of disposition, it is achievable.

Achievement is something that ought to be imparted and with assistance, anybody can accomplish impressive statues of budgetary success. Likewise with Marc Sparks, past disappointments can’t damage future achievement.

He is liberal in sharing his stories of accomplishment. Pretty much as imperative, he has faith in sharing stories of his tries that were not all that effective. They subsequently offer information to new business visionaries who can gain from his encounters.

Marc practices what he calls “Spark’s Speed.” By definition, this implies open and synergistic space for keeping correspondence channels between assets quick and constant. Such attributes as standard lighting and demographics can influence innovativeness and attitude.

Spark applies the estimations of confidence, energy, determination, center, sharp adaptation, and an Outrageous Sense of Urgency to each business and intentional activity. He hopes to put resources into elements that have the same procurements.

Notwithstanding holding these qualities, Mr. Sparkles conveys the message that there is no consistency in life and disappointment is a possibility. More critical than turning a benefit is confidence, assembling a quality
item or administration, keeping up a happy staff, and investing energy with family and companions. These are the best indications of accomplishment.

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NutriMost Is the Best in Weight Loss

It has been easy to see the value of having a plan like NutriMost. This is a plan that has become associated with great amount of weight loss for countless individuals. I have subscribed to this plan this month, and I have seen some quick results.

The thing that nudged me in the direction of NutriMost was the way that this plan was designed. It involved getting a regular check up from your physician to monitor your progress. There is also a weight loss guarantee. These are the two things that have made it possible for me to put my faith in the program. I have seen the benefits that come with this type of program by first reading the accounts of others. It serves as great motivation to me.

NutriMost has managed to stir up quite a buzz mainly because it is designed to help people keep the weight off. That is something that a large majority of people will struggle with. It is evident because there are so many different diets on the market. I know that it is better to have the diet plans in place that are going on helping people maintain better eating habits, and that is what NutriMost aims to do. That has made me look forward to what this plan offers.

There are many people that are already showing off their weight loss with this plan. I have started the plan, and I have also seen some weight loss. It has been very important for me to start this because I have had people in my family that have died due to obesity. I think that NutriMost will be the dieting plan that literally saves my life. The chiropractor that started this weight loss plan has done me a huge favor.


JustFab is your go to website for the latest summer trends!

JustFab is a unique way to get your very own personalized looks for the top fashions in the footwear industry. This online fashion retailer offers a wide variety of shoes, handbags, denim, and jewelry to complete any woman’s outfit.

To get in on the action and get VIP access to the most popular online shoes, handbags and other stylish items, go to the JustFab website. You will be directed to answer a few style questions so that the online stylists can get a better idea of who you are and what you are looking for. You will be clicking on a couple different types of shoes that you like from the pictures displayed in front of you. You will also be shown pictures of models with different outfits, some are in casual to fancy dresses, and then there are about five wardrobe selections with handbags and accessories included where again, you choose what best represents your style.

The next step is entering in your shoe size, and what your height preferences are for most of your shoes. It will also ask you your preference of colors, such as dark, light, metallic or colorful. It will also ask you your size in clothing. The last box to check has about 9 different selections of shoe types, like wedges, boots, pumps, and so on. After you click on the one you like the most, a banner will pop up. They have a special promotion going on right now where you get your first item for only $9.99! Being the avid shoe lover that I am, of course I had to sign up right away. Plus that offer is ending soon, so if I were you, I would take advantage of it ASAP!

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JustFab – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Another perk of JustFab is that there is free shipping on all orders over $39.00. And if you decide once your shoes arrive that they are not quite what you expected them to be, they offer free exchanges. But I seriously doubt you will have that problem. There are just too many cute shoes on this website, and undoubtedly there is something for every woman on this website. We all want to look our best, and having the perfect pair of shoes for the perfect outfit can really boost your confidence and make you feel empowered.

Just Fab also has a new rewards program called The Fashion Fund. You earn 25 points for every dollar that you spend, and 20 points for every product review you submit after your purchase! Those points can then be redeemed for Free Fab goodies. And after all, it’s always a good thing to be rewarded for shoe shopping, am I right?

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The world is surprisingly growing at a high rate regarding technology and development. This is made possible by people who come with great inventory ideas especially from the young people who need support to make their ideas useful.

Mr. Mike Baur is a former banker at Clariden and Salford founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF) which aims at supporting the young entrepreneurs specializing in digital technology. Mike Baur has made his way up from a commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive board member at a large Swiss bank. He has had professional experience in Swiss private banking for almost 20years.

Together with his co-founders Mike were fortunate enough to start the entrepreneurial journey and founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory, which is the No.1 independent and privately financed early stage ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike Baur is also a mentor especially to the youth, and he invests a lot of time in the Swiss youth. Thanks to his 20years of professional experience in the banking world he has a great combination of excellent banking know-how entrepreneurial thinking.

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Successful launch of the Swiss Start Up Factory

The Swiss Start-Up Factory is planning to launch an accelerator program focusing on Fintech companies. It began in 2014 driven by the ambitions to create global companies that disrupt the prevailing norms, products, business models. The core business is a 3month program that provides early-stage startups with financing services, mentorship, office space and access to a massive entrepreneurial and investor network. The SSUF is a place where innovation meets execution since they want to be able to provide any start up with all services needed.

Mike Baur, who has a bachelor’s in Computer Science and an MBA from Havard University, manages a portfolio of investments in the US and also has projects that aim at empowering educators and students by providing the resources to enable real-time access to accurate, actionable education data.

His positive impact towards society has improved the youth’s entrepreneurial skills as he continues to inspire many and improve the lives of our generation. He is a definition of success!

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Feeling Confident and Cool in JustFab’s Summer Outfits

Shopping for summer clothing doesn’t have to make you feel stressed out. It doesn’t have to make you want to scream or pull your hair out in a rage, either. That’s because the online fashion shop exists. JustFab is a prominent Internet fashion store that was founded in March of 2010. The store specializes in fine (and competitively priced) fashions for all seasons. JustFab’s summer fashions are particularly cool and stylish. If you want to look and feel cool when the weather is warm or hot out, you’ll fall in lust with all of this store’s upcoming summer trends. The best part is that you can shop from the comfort of your own home. People who despise crowds and waiting in long and boring lines while shopping for clothing can really get behind JustFab.

JustFab stocks all kinds of summer apparel. If you’re a laid-back and casual individual who wants to look effortlessly good all summer long, you can investigate JustFab’s many choices in fantastic denim styles. If you want to look sultry, classic, Bohemian, preppy or anything else, this well-known online shop can cater to you fully. JustFab is a wonderful Internet retailer that has a vast selection of styles. It doesn’t ever make anyone feel left out.

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JustFab – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

JustFab’s latest summer looks are eye-catching. They’re great for people who aren’t at all afraid of playing with choices in bright colors. Summer is the best time to test boundaries with colors. If you want to purchase a bright and striking summer dress that will make heads turn anywhere you go, for example, JustFab’s choices will make you feel swell. JustFab isn’t only about uber-bright colors, either. It’s also about light, refreshing and subtle summer pastels. If you want to epitomize the lightness and joy of the summer, you’ll really admire JustFab’s sweet and demure pastels. Pastels are particularly flattering right next to healthy sun-kissed glows.

People can trust JustFab’s large selection of summer tops. Tops that are “off-the-shoulder” are a particularly big craze for the online retailer at the moment. Loose and relaxing tunics are also a big craze. If you’re interested in shopping for summer tops that look and feel carefree to the max, you’ll become a JustFab follower for life!

Looking good in the summer is all about dressing right for your specific body type. All body types are gorgeous. JustFab thankfully is an online store that sees the amazing beauty in physiques of all shapes. That’s why the store has such an impressive selection of sizes. JustFab’s clothing can be seen on all kinds of lovely figures. People who love many choices in sizes should do all of their summer shopping at JustFab. JustFab seems to adore all body types equally.

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Lime Crime by Doe Deere


Doe Deere is the originator, CEO and the owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her mission in the creation of the company was aimed at proving to the world that cosmetics are essential and do more than just to obscure defectiveness by enhancing autonomy and self-expression. She was born in Russia and was brought up in New York City.

According to Doe, beauty is not what is ordinary or looking best but rather the right feeling at the moment. This perception motivated Doe to advance and launch her personal exciting, supernatural and cruelty free cosmetics in 2008. The result of this ambition by Doe was the Lime Crime, a cosmetic that was intensely colorful and animal friendly, which had a global fan base. Lime Crime unveiling in 2008 was triggered by Doe’s hopelessness to get cosmetics that was sufficiently positive to rhyme with the attires that she was darning and vending on Ebay during that period.

The Lime Crime name was originated from Doe’s favored color and her delusion to develop lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes that were so intense and bright that putting them could seem illegal. In 2009, Lime Crime established its Unicorn Lipsticks. This made Lime Crime to be the first entity to develop a discrete and radical lip colors in the market. In 2012, the first Velvetines was launched, a development that opened the way for several other popular liquids to matte lipstick fashion.

The cosmetics products by Doe have been cruelty free since its commencement in 2008. Despite the fact that many of the products were from vegetable products, the cosmetics entity re-formed all its products in 2012 in order to adhere to stringent vegan requirements. Due to her capacity and position of the business entity, Doe has been on the forefront to supervise the process of all cosmetics improvement, in order to meet the specific needs of the unicorns who are her major source of encouragement.

Due to Doe’s humble beginning that has seen her achieve greater success, she has remained to be an ardent supporter of women owned businesses and enterprises. She persistently talks about realizing your own voice and following your drive in public events in order to mentor aspiring women entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit


JustFab Can Help You Be Fashionable For The Summer

It’s getting warm outside, which means summer is coming up fast. With summer being so close, many start preparing ahead of time by ensuring that they have the right clothing on that can stand up to the summer sun as well as making sure they have their flip-flops or tennis shoes that can withstand the heated ground. Are you ready for summer? If you haven’t prepared your summer wardrobe yet, then what are you waiting for? Maybe you haven’t found the right website to start shopping on, so you’ll be glad to know that JustFab is here for you. At JustFab, finding summer clothing is easy and fun.

Many like their summer clothing to be light and airy but still fashionable, and it’s possible to find any type of clothing on the JustFab website. Those who aren’t certain what kinds of clothing they want to wear can use the stylist software that is on the JustFab website to pick the kinds of clothes that would look best together. Even if a person is simply shopping for shoes, they can still score big on the JustFab website because the shoes look great and are low in cost. JustFab has been around for years and has helped many people look fashionable all throughout the year, especially in the summertime.

With low-priced goods, including purses, handbags, jewelry, clothes, and shoes, JustFab should be your first choice when you need to buy anything, much more when you need to purchase summer clothing. You’ll find that the clothes are of high-quality, which means they’re not going to wear out the first time you wear them and throw them in the washer. You’ll be able to mix and match the different clothing on the website to some of the great shoes and boots that are available, even if you’re choosing sneakers as opposed to high heels. You’ll be very impressed with everything that is on the JustFab website, especially since your membership gets you exclusive deals on the website. Visit:

Becoming a JustFab member means that you will get discounts on everything you purchase, and you’ll even be able to get free shipping on your items once they reach the quota amount for the minimum purchase. JustFab membership is only $39.95 each month, which is spendable on the website, and this means you’ll never have to worry about losing your membership fee, even if you don’t spend it. The membership fee paid to JustFab can be stored away in the account for months, and this is a great option for those who want to save their membership fees for large purchases that they may make in the future. JustFab is a one-of-a-kind website that everyone should join this summer.

The Innovation of Bernardo Chua

Organo Gold is a multilevel marketing company that was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, an expert and a well respected individual in the multilevel marketing industry. Over the past decade, Bernardo Chua has used Organo Gold for the purpose of spreading knowledge of a new health-oriented product called Ganoderma that he has used as his secret ingredient in his company. Since 2008, Mr. Chua has been educating the four corners of the world of the importance of healthy living and how it can improve the lives of everyone around the world. Along the road to success, Mr. Chua has partnered with millions of people to help distribute his products to friends and families from all over the world. With only eight years of being in business, Organo Gold has become the 55th largest direst sales company in the world.

The method of using a cost effective direct sales tactic has enabled Organo Gold to share all profits made with the rest of the world. In 2012, with only four years under the company’s belt, Organo Gold had already spread internationally to become involved in over 13 other countries around the world. In present day, Organo Gold is currently distributing products in over 40 countries around the world with the intention of continuing to grow. Over the past eight years not only has the company grown exponentially, but the revenue as well as the number of distributors has grown exponentially to now include millions of individuals involved with the company.

Bernardo Chua centered his company around a healthy herb that is known as Ganoderma. Organo Gold has since then successfully incorporated Ganoderma with all of Organo Gold’s products include tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soap, tooth paste, and other products that are involved with the everyday routine. For a small fee of paying for Organo Gold’s many products, people all over the world can save thousands of dollars in medical bills. The health benefits that have been proven to be a result of Ganoderma have enabled people around the world to live an even more happy and focused life thanks to the product.  Bernardo is very experienced, and considering all of the awards Chua has won, he’s well on his way.