What Makes Lime Crime So Special And Doe Deere?

So maybe you’ve seen it, the bold color and design of hair on many singers such as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and host of other glamorous singers and celebrities. Many young teenage and 20s girls have also followed in the path to adopt similar styles and bring out a lot of color in their beauty. Many of the exotic colors that you might see in these hair styles can be credited to Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that truly believes in the freedom of expression, especially when it comes to hair colors and letting young women bring out their inner selves.

Lime Crime sells all kinds of cosmetics from hair coloring and styles, to lipstick, nail polish, gloss and all with exquisite designs and patterns that can be tried out. The founder of this Los Angeles based company is Doe Deere on ideamensch, a lady who took the ideas that she thought might have been a bit too wacky at the time, and used them to help young girls feel comfortable with their fashion choices. Lime Crime has become an extremely popular brand and many other cosmetic producers and stylists have adopted similar styles as a result of this phenomena.

Doe Deere has always been a creative and imaginative woman, all the way back to her days growing up in Russia. As a young girl, she liked selling and trying on fake tattoos and bringing out her artistic side with them. She had originally wanted to become a singer and musician when she grew up, and she was in a band for a while when she moved to the states for her college endeavors. But by and by, she became interested in the fashion and cosmetics industry, interested in bringing in some new designs to work with. Soon, hair and make-up became her thing and Lime Crime was born.

She said the idea behind Lime Crime was not only to bring a new style to the shelves, but also to help others who thought they might feel judged for the way they wanted to look that being different is not a bad thing. Deere tries to use her platform to encourage other people that they can make their dreams and plans as real as they want them to be with just a little determination. As a girl who champions those who are different and dedicates her life to making a difference, she’s titled herself the “Queen of Unicorns”.

Lime Crime Creates Makeup That Is Special

A lot of girls stick with their classic makeup brands because that is all that they have ever known. A lot of girls are afraid to venture out and try something new for themselves, because they are afraid of failure. They think that staying with the same, boring makeup brands is a better choice for them. But they are wrong.

There is nothing better than putting on a makeup that makes a girl unique from those around her. Makeup is meant to make one beautiful, but when a girl puts on the same thing as what everyone else is wearing, how is she supposed to stand out? Thankfully, there is a new brand that offers girls the chance to take their makeup to the next level.

Some girls love wearing makeup that is different from what others wear. They love showing their individuality through their makeup choices, and Lime Crime from Doe Deere is a great brand for those girls. It is a brand that is all about bold colors and bold choices. When a girl puts on makeup from this brand she can know that she will not look like anyone else around her. It’s a powerful thing to have makeup that makes one feel like that, and Lime Crime is a special brand to give a girl that option.

Girls no longer have to stick with the same brand of makeup that they have always worn in order for them to feel confident that it will work for them. With this new brand, Lime Crime, they can feel just as confident in their makeup as if they were wearing their old brand. Lime Crime is a quality brand that makes it a point to deliver not only unique makeup, but also makeup that is carefully crafted.

So, when a girl wants to go ahead and put on some makeup that is different than what the majority of what her friends are wearing, she now has the option to do that. She can go out and buy some bold makeup for herself and just have some fun. There is no reason that she shouldn’t do that.

Options Limited in Affordable Luxury Shoes for Men

Most men and women recognize the well-known names of the most expensive shoe brands. Affordable luxury italian shoes on paulevansny selections for men are quite limited in comparison to the availability of luxury shoes for women. It appears that demand in the category of men’s luxury shoes was being ignored, but there were shoe designers who understood that the men’s luxury shoe market was ripe for something new, fashionable and more affordable.

In a market that was ready for fashion forward and affordable selections in men’s shoes, Benjamin Early and Evan Fript recognized the opportunity to change what they describe as a traditional retail experience for men. In the pair’s pursuit to add a certain je ne sais quoi to the men’s shoe market, the Paul Evans brand was born offering stylish and affordable luxury shoes. The Paul Evans brand of luxury men’s shoes has been described in press reviews as being the “perfect addition to your travel shoe game.”, “. . . a work of art . . .” and “[m]odern, sleek, and trend-forward. . .” The affordable luxury of Paul Evans is made in Naples, Italy from the same Italian calfskin leather as other more expensive luxury brands, but is sold direct to its customers which significantly reduces the need of significant retail markup.

Due to the limited availability of luxury shoe selections for men, the affordability factor is not a common benefit appreciated by male consumers. Well-known brands of men’s footwear sold at a popular retailers often come with a hefty price tag beginning at $600 to over $2,000 a pair. Those price points make purchases of those brands out of reach for the average consumer. Additionally, it has been suggested that the new luxury buyer doesn’t require a brand to come from a long heritage to be credible. That suggestion shows that consumers’ evaluation is based more on quality, and is an example of how open minded male consumers were to new luxury brand designers like Paul Evans.

Though retail focus appears to be solely on fashion trends for women, the latest trends in men’s fashion, particularly in footwear, indicate that this retail category is a big seller. Men enjoy and do shop for luxury shoes in many of the same ways as their counterparts. Men also like to admire craftsmanship, experience the feel of materials and prefer to try on shoes prior to making a commitment to buy. In spite of that, affordable luxury brands like Paul Evans continue to see great sales figures and their brand expansion of additional shoe styles shows a genuine interest and overall satisfaction with the product. Men are demonstrating that they aren’t afraid to step up their shoe game when a new designer shows them how they can do it.

Important Facts About Makeup

Looking your best isn’t always easy. People have a hard time finding styles that suit their personalities and accentuate features that help them seem more attractive or look their best. Many people turn to clothes as a means of expression. Others like to accessorize. However, makeup is one of the methods that is underexplored and undervalued in today’s world. Many do not recognize the power of just a little makeup on the skin. Both sexes have been known to use makeup in order to hide flaws or accentuate. Makeup like Doe Deere can be really transformative and when used in the right way, can help a person stand out from the crowd.

The problem with makeup is that sometimes people don’t know how to properly utilize it. Many simply think that the more they add, the prettier they’ll look. This is simply not true. Less is more. Another problem that many people run into is using the wrong products or finding products that don’t help in reaching the goal that they set out for. Colors can be fun to experiment with and many may even look good when applied, but too many of them and you can end up looking very theater production, which is not good for everyday wear.

Quality of makeup is also very important. People often find that dollar store makeup or drug store makeup is sufficient when trying to look their best, however, you get what you pay for. There is significantly less pigment in cheaper products, which amounts to having to put on more makeup to get any sort of coverage. This adds up to more money spent on products trying to get the best color and coverage possible. It is important to be aware of the amount of pigment that is in the product in correlation to the cost.

Another big problem that people have with the makeup industry is that it tends to obscure the fact that it tests products on animals before shipping them out for human use. This testing is very inhumane and many people do not like the fact that this goes on behind the curtains without the public being aware of it. Many people like their makeup to be cruelty-free and in an age where more of these social issues are coming to light, it is important to know where your makeup is coming from and who you are supporting with your money.

Many makeup artists such as Doe Deere are very adept at what they do. They put out products that they believe in and can be used by anyone. This is also the case with Doe Deere and her Lime Crime cosmetics line. The products come in many different colors and are great for standing out from the boring beiges and reds of the usual products that are found on store shelves. Makeup artists are almost always a great barometer of makeup quality because they often do not endorse products that they haven’t used or would not use themselves. Makeup can be a very tricky subject for many people but with the advice of people in the industry, looking your best can be easy.

How to Wear Bold Lipstick Colors

Bright lipstick can be difficult to pull off. Painting lips purple, orange or turquoise is a bold, declarative statement that’s not for the faint of heart. With the right hue and the right attitude from Lime Crime, however, anyone can find a bold lip color that’s perfect for them.

Orange Lipstick

There’s a myth that orange lipstick only looks good on girls who have just flown home from Barbados and are sporting the perfect golden tan. This is not true. To ensure the perfect orange pout, buy a lip color that is neither too blue or too orange. Find a warm lip color that is more pink than it is blue. This color is almost universally flattering, and ensures a luscious coral pout. Try coating the lips in foundation before applying, to cancel out the true color of the lips.

Purple Lipstick

Purple is a surprisingly versatile lip color, and can look good on almost any skin tone. Girls with yellow undertones should reach for a true violet tone, as anything else will look too pink. People with darker skin tones can get away with darker purples; try a dark, vampy purple with lots of blue, or a metallic plum. For pale girls, try a lipstain with hints of violet. This will give a hint of purple without overpowering the face.

Black Lipstick

To wear black lipstick, flawless skin is a must. This dark hue highlights any imperfections, so make sure to use concealer, foundation and powder before reaching for the pitch black lip color. Because black lipstick is such a bold statement, it is best to leave the rest of the face relatively bare. To frame the features, however, define the brows with a pencil or pomade.

White Lipstick

White lipstick is the perfect holiday lip color; it’s frosted, festive and very fun. It looks especially fetching on darker complexions, but pale girls can make it work by swiping it over a matte pink color.

Where to Buy

Bold lip colors are becoming more and more popular, and many makeup brands are offering shockingly bright hues. Make Up Forever and Nyx have a wide range of colorful lipsticks. Lime Crime is another great brand that offers a big selection of statement making lip colors. The Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick is available in bright blue, mint green, yellow, lavender and more. This long-lasting, cruelty-free lipstick is perfect for adventurous girls who want to make eco-friendly fashion decisions.

I Got A New York City Apartment So I Could Work On A Broadway Play

I’m an actress who always wanted to perform on Broadway in New York City, but that was something that I always believed would only be a dream. I traveled to New York City over the summer to see a family member, and I remember touring all over the city. The one place I absolutely knew I wanted to go was to Broadway, even if it was just to see the outside of the building. I had planned on seeing a show, but I didn’t know if I would have time to do so because I was only staying in the city for a short period of time.

My schedule was rearranged that day, and I did get to go and see a show on Broadway, and it absolutely changed my life. Not only did I get to see a show, but I was able to talk to a few people, and they told me that I could get an audition to try out for a part in an upcoming play. I was beside myself because I thought only celebrities were invited to act on Broadway, but this isn’t necessarily the truth. Even regular people can try out to perform on Broadway, but they definitely have to be good.

After coming in again to do a performance, they told me that they would get back to me as soon as possible. I went all the way back to Texas feeling very depressed because I didn’t hear back from anyone on Broadway. I couldn’t believe it when I finally got a phone call, and they told me I was brilliant, and they wanted me in their upcoming play. I was told that I would have to live in New York City for the duration of the play, which would last at least six months, between preparing for the play and acting in the play. I knew that I had to find a place to live as soon as possible.

I wanted a nice apartment in New York City, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it. After talking to my family member that lives in New York City, they gave me the name Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate is an agency that helps people to find some of the best New York City real estate as well as homes. I knew I wanted a great apartment, and I could more than afford what I was looking for. I spoke directly to a Town Real Estate agent, and I let them know that I was willing to live anywhere in New York City, as long as I was able to get to work each day. It only took one week for my agent to find me a great place in New York City, and I’m so happy.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Take Make-Up To Another Level

According to scientists and researchers of Doe Deere, humans have used make-up for over 6,000 years. They also say it can be found in just about every society on the planet. The ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and Greeks were some of the first people to use make-up to improve their appearance. There is also evidence that humans living in the Middle Stone Age, some 100,000 years ago, may have used red ochre to paint their faces and bodies. Plus there are remains that strongly suggest the people living in the Indus Valley have also been using make-up for thousands of years.

Archaeological evidence shows that the use of castor oil, beeswax, rosewater, and olive oil to beautify and protect the skin was common in ancient Egypt and Greece. They also used of Kohl, henna, fresh moringa, and gum of frankincense was used to beautify the hair and skin and combat wrinkles. The ancient Persians used an early form of eyeliner and lipstick. As early as 3,000 B.C, the Chinese were using egg whites, beeswax, gelatin, and gun Arabic to make nail polish, and years later used plum blossom makeup. The Bible mentions Jezebel using eye-shadow in 840 BC.

Both the Native American and the Australian Aborigines have been painting their faces for hundreds of years. Make-up was also used by the ancient Romans. Research has shown they used skin whiteners and eye-shadow. The ancient Japanese used crushed safflower petals to make lipstick and color around their eyes. European women wore white powder, white paint, red lipstick, rouge, papier poudré, and other types of make-up from the Middle Ages onward. Women used burnt matches to color their eyes and lip stain made of poppy petals and geranium. Some of the mixtures were health hazards.

The modern cosmetics industry began in earnest around 1910 when members of the Russian Ballet wore ocher and crimson make-up while performing in Paris. Eyeliner made from Indian ink, rosewater, and gum Arabic became popular. Some women had red lips, dark eyebrows, and pink blush tattooed onto their faces. Max Factor opened a shop which sold theatrical make-up to actors and ordinary women in 1909. Elizabeth Arden also produced a line of cosmetics soon afterwards. Lipstick, rouge, and powder were very popular. Cosmetics brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, and others were created in the 1920s and 30s and pink nail polish was all the rage.

These days there’s a new brand of make-up that’s making its mark. It’s called Lime Crime and it was created by Russian-born Brooklyn, New York resident Doe Deere. Doe Deere’s make-up line is definitely different. It features colors so bright they hurt the eyes and make people stop and stare. Her Candyfuture Lipsticks and Magic Dust eye-shadows come in super cute packages emblazoned with pink, sparkly unicorns. Doe Deere calls her product line ‘statement make-up’. Those hard to ignore bright greens, blues, oranges, and purples make a statement and are hard to ignore when you see them on people’s eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails.

Doe Deere’s Take On Ambition

Doe Deere wants others to have the freedom to express themselves. That’s what she hopes the vast majority of people take away from herself and from her makeup line on guestofaguest.com. Deere is a very bright and vibrant individual! You’ll be able to pick her out in a crowd between her bright hair, her bright lips, and her funky eye shadow. Deere has had a passion for makeup for a long time now and that’s what inspired her makeup line known as Lime Crime. She has made a name for herself. The best part is that she’s so humble about it! It’s all thanks to the ambition that she’s had ever since a young girl. She’s always dreamed big and knew that she wanted to accomplish something amazing. Although her first ambition wasn’t makeup…

She actually originally wanted to me a musician! If you look at our pop icons these days, we do have fearless and bold women. Deere would have fit right in and probably wouldn’t have done too bad! Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. But, it wasn’t all for nothing. She actually met her husband as a musician. She also learned many valuable lessons that she took with her when she went into the business of makeup. Deere learned all about having a career and marketing. She also learned first hand how wonderful it was when people attended her events. It taught her that the support she received is crucial to any endeavor.

When it comes to Doe Deeres early life – she grew up in Russia. She actually started a little business there when she was 13! It’s no wonder she crew up to be founder of such a successful makeup business. Doe Deere understands that everyone in the world has a unique talent. They need to discover it and further it in whatever outlet they find necessary. Whether it’s make up, music, or something else entirely.

Doe Deeres Lime Crime business has seen much success. That’s because she sells such a variety of products. They are all made cruelty free and vegan friendly. Doe Deere now lives in Los Angeles and spends a lot of her time in the Lime Crime headquarters. It’s never a dull day at the office with Deere as your boss! While she’s not working on her makeup biz, she’s helping others. She’s encouraging everyone to follow their dreams and be themselves. Life is too short to blend in with everyone else.

Paul Evans: Italian Style, American Convenience

What happens when two guys working in finance get fed up with the consistently poor selection of affordable, high-quality footwear available in retail stores? Normally, after some grumbling and expensive credit card charges, the average gentleman would resign himself to his overpriced shoes and forget about it. But for Evan Fript and Ben Earley, the frustrating experience gave birth to an extraordinary idea. Fript and Earley decided to go into business for themselves, with a vision to provide high-end men’s footwear and leather shoes on paulevansny goods at a more reasonable price point. The Paul Evans fashion brand was born.

Fript and Earley knew that the market was not catering to their demographic: young, professional working guys that want to look great, but hate to shop in stores for hours or spend $1,000 on their shoes. The Paul Evans brand relies completely on e-commerce, and the business model is focused on eliminating costly middlemen by developing, designing, and distributing all of the company’s products in-house. Consequently, the brand is able to sell their shoes at less than half the price of the average brick-and-mortar store, without sacrificing any of the quality. The two co-founders traveled across the world in search of the greatest shoemakers, and finally struck a deal with an established factory in Naples, Italy that would help bring their vision to life. Paul Evans shoes are now crafted from fine Italian calfskin leather, on par with the great luxury footwear brands worldwide.

The Paul Evans online shop features a selection of shoes, belts, and bags, all crafted from genuine Italian leather. The shop’s shoes are split into four categories for convenience: Oxfords, loafers, monk straps, and boots, and each pair is sold for under $400. Despite the fact that neither of the co-founders have a retail background, the fashion label has boasted a great deal of success in its opening years of business, and the guys have their sights set on expansion into women’s footwear and accessories. For the new kids in town on the footwear scene, it appears that the sky may be the limit.

Sender and the Art Professor

As an art professor, I try to teach my students to expand their horizons. What I am really trying to accomplish is to find students with true talent instead of people that are producing large groups of inauthentic and highly subjective abstract art. I honestly cannot discern what is good in that genre anymore. I am getting students that were a little quirky and had no other talent, so their parents and friends deemed them artistic. To add to this dilemma, then they pay credence to their every art work as if they understand the work. This would be detrimental even to artists that are really talented.

I accomplish this with juried art shows, online art sales, and blind critiques. Blind critiques is when I record the views of people that are unaware that the artists will hear their opinions. I do this to bring them back down to a level at which they are willing to learn. If I do not do this, I end up with a class of people that come together every meeting to talk about their feelings. I am really into realism because of many years of teaching art. This causes this generation to lack a movement to promote their ideals and their predominate styles of work. Sometimes my methods produce artists that can trace their serious beginnings to my classes.

Contrarily, some find that they are not the level of artist that they thought, and they move onto other things. Many times these things involve art but in different realms like design and architecture. Even more move on to photography and some forms of editing. I am left with true artists, and I can then coddle their talents. I direct the other students to art appreciation classes. I am not the only artist or art teacher that feels this way now or in the past. Some genres actually mocked abstraction with their realism. This mockery is evident in the contemporary art movement that was created around the middle of the last century.

Recently, we have been on the subject of contemporary art greatly because the students did not know that I derived a lot of my viewpoints from that movement. I have been viewing some great contemporary pieces from the Sender collection. Adam Sender collected several hundred of the most progressive contemporary art pieces available. The collection was striking, but you could definitely tell that Mr. Sender has a very thoughtful eye for certain pieces that he chose as part of his collection. It was surprising when he put the pieces up for auction. But I do understand the impact that he has had at reviving the popularity of the genre with the sale of his collection. Here, Adam Sender written about by Business Insider.